How to Open the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact?

If you’re looking for a way to open the nine pillars of peace in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to do it.


MiHoYo created and released Genshin Impact, an open world action role-playing game. The game has a fantasy open world landscape and an action-based fighting system that employs elemental magic and character swapping, as well as gacha game monetization to allow players to purchase new characters, weapons, and other resources. In order to advance the plot, players must explore the realm by completing tasks and difficult riddles. Unlocking the Nine Pillars of Peace is one of the most challenging tasks players must solve.

The Nine Pillars of Peace are nine monuments scattered across Teyvat, the country of Genshin Impact. Each of these sculptures represents one of Teyvat’s seven archons, the two divine forces that comprise his cosmology: Anemo, Geo, Dendro, Pyro, Cryo, Hydro, and Electro. When all nine pillars are unlocked, players will have access to unique goods such as weapon ascension materials, which will aid them on their quest through Genshin Impact.

To unlock each pillar, you must solve a series of riddles and collect particular things hidden around Teyvat. This article will teach you how to unlock each of the nine pillars one by one:

Overview of Nine Pillars of Peace

The Nine Pillars of Peace is a mission in Genshin Impact that requires players to find and uncover nine pillars scattered around the game environment. Players will get substantial benefits for doing so, including rare artifacts, character ascension materials, and more.

To unlock the pillars of peace, players must first find all nine strewn around Teyvat. After that, they must locate various things from each location and utilize them to trigger the mechanism of its associated pillar. Players will be awarded with a chest holding tremendous goodies after properly pushing each item in the right region of the pillar.

Players must exercise caution since activating some of these pillars may generate creatures that must be vanquished before they may enjoy the rewards of their active pillar. It may take some time for gamers to finish this quest, but the benefits are well worth the effort since they may considerably improve their gameplay experience in Genshin Impact.


In Genshin Impact, preparation is essential for unlocking the nine pillars of serenity. To unlock each Pillar, players must first gather a set of Runestones and Elemental Shards. Elemental Shards are dropped by adversaries, whereas Runestones may be collected in chests strewn across the landscape. It’s worth noting that each Pillar requires a distinct mix of Runestones and Elemental Shards.

Once all of the required artifacts have been gathered, they must be utilized to create Seals of Passage, which will activate the Pillar.

Crafting Seals requires the use of an Anemo Resonance Stone, which may be gained by accomplishing specific in-game activities. Players will also need a Catalyst, a specific item required for creating that can be purchased using in-game cash. After gathering all materials and catalysts, players must go to a Statue of Seven at any locked Pillar to build their Seals and unlock it.

Gather the necessary materials

To access the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact, you must first acquire a few resources. A Royal Sigil, Viseny Idol, Bells of Gales, and 2x Northlander Bow Prototype are among them.

  • The Royal Sigil is a crafting item that requires 50x Crystal Chunks and 100x White Iron Chunks. It’s vital to remember that they can only be obtained by completing certain in-game events or by buying them from other players.
  • The Viseny Idol may be obtained by completing the “Seek Out Visunyid” side quests in Mondstadt or by purchasing it from other players.
  • Bells of Gales may be discovered all across the landscape, whereas Northlander Bow Prototypes are rewarded for defeating particular world enemies.

Once you’ve acquired all of the essential things, you’ll be able to access the Nine Pillars of Peace.

Know the locations of the Pillars

The Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact are ancient structures with enigmatic origins and functions. Each Pillar has a different elemental affinity, and by uncovering them all, players may gain access to the Sealed Fountain of Reminiscence. To unlock the Pillars, players must first locate each one and then battle its unique Boss, who will provide them with a key.

Knowing where each Pillar is is vital for going through this questline, since players must travel from one site to the next to collect enough keys. Bishui Plain Diluc’s Domain, Lingju Pass Fischl’s Domain, Tianqiu Valley Questing Hill by Mondstadt, Cuijue Slope Venti’s Domain, Guyun Stone Forest Barbara’s Domain, Dawn Winery Noelle’s Domain, Wangshu Inn Jean’s Domain, Luhua Pool Xiao’s Domain, and Taishan MansionBeidou’s Domain are among the Pillars. Players must remember the places since they must visit all of them in order to finish this questline.

Opening the Pillars

In Genshin Impact, opening the Nine Pillars of Peace is a critical procedure. To proceed to the next level and further their journey in this game, players must first unlock all nine pillars. Players must discover and gather a particular amount of five-star goods, such as weapons, artifacts, minerals, relics, prayers, and offerings, in order to unlock each pillar. After successfully completing this mission and unlocking all pillars, the player will be able to enter a new region with strong creatures and secret prizes.

The unlocking of these Pillars necessitates players exploring different regions inside Genshin Impact and involves a great deal of time and planning since you will need to find all nine things. These goods may be discovered via crafting or exploring the global map’s dungeons. After collecting all of them, you’ll get access to additional regions with formidable creatures that might drop rich treasure like Candy Amulets or Memory Stones.

Interact with each Pillar

In order to unlock the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact, users must engage with each pillar. Interacting with these pillars requires the use of special objects, which may be obtained by fighting enemies or completing riddles across the game area. The objects needed to interact with the Nine Pillars of Peace vary depending on whatever pillar needs to be opened, and might include anything from strange bits to hidden literature or ancient treasures.

Once the proper artifacts have been gathered from Teyvat, players must use them on each Pillar of Peace separately in order to unlock them. This unlocks significant prizes such as a large boost in stamina cap, enhanced character attributes, new skills, and rare ascension materials.

Use the necessary materials to open the Pillars

The Nine Pillars of Peace are rare artifacts in Genshin Impact that reveal various mysteries, riddles, and rewards. Depending on the kind of Pillar, you will need a certain quantity of resources to open it. Gathering or crafting may be used to get these resources. Gathering materials necessitates the use of the Exploration function in Genshin Impact, whilst creating them necessitates the use of the Crafting menu.

After gathering or crafting the right materials, you may use them to unlock each Pillar in Teyvat’s many zones. This will get you access to puzzles containing prizes such as weapons and artifacts. Furthermore, unlocking these Pillars is required for completing specific missions, some of which are required for crossing some inaccessible places.

Opening all Nine Pillars is a significant adventure in Genshin Impact, allowing players to explore every aspect of Teyvat:

  • Gathering materials necessitates the use of the Exploration function.
  • Creating materials necessitates the use of the Crafting menu.
  • Unlocking Pillars gets you access to puzzles containing prizes such as weapons and artifacts.
  • Unlocking Pillars is required for completing specific missions.
  • Opening all Nine Pillars allows players to explore every aspect of Teyvat.


The benefits of unlocking the nine pillars of Genshin Impact are well worth the effort. A Nephrite Bisect will be granted if all nine Pillars of Peace have been opened with the right panel selections. It is an uncommon item that can be utilized to build weapons and characters at Liyue’s Alchemist’s Workshop.

Furthermore, engaging with each pillar will provide players with a stage-specific Mora reward that changes based on how many times each Pillar has been visited; the first visit will offer 2,000 Mora, while the tenth and subsequent visits will yield 10,000 Mora. In addition, completing all nine Pillars will get you a Mora prize of 100,000.

Finally, completing all nine Pillars unlocks two hidden achievements: The Way Forward and Achiever in Liyue.

Obtain rewards from each Pillar

Opening the Nine Pillars of Peace in Genshin Impact requires obtaining prizes from each Pillar. You will be awarded with objects or resources such as Primogems or minerals after accomplishing specific tasks. Depending on the Elemental Resonance and Ley lines nearby, opening a Pillar might reward you with extra goods or resources. Additionally, you may get one-of-a-kind gifts for accomplishing special activities related with certain Pillars on occasion.

The benefits for completing a Pillar might vary from Mora to Character EXP to Artifacts, so make sure to verify the rewards before starting work on it. The prizes will differ depending on whatever Pillar you work on.

Use the rewards to upgrade your character

You’ll gain prizes for completing the Nine Pillars of Peace quest chain in Genshin Impact, which you may spend to level up your character. Each gift grants you one point of Experience (XP), which will help you raise your character’s level and attributes. You’ll also get Primogems, which may be swapped for an even greater XP gain.

Furthermore, each reward will provide you with restorative goods that will refill your health and stamina. These bonuses are very important when confronted with a challenging adversary or level, since they may efficiently aid replenish any lost life energy. Finally, finishing each Pillar earns you an unique Hushnail Idol item that, when donned, offers permanent bonuses to both attack and defensive power.


Finally, the Nine Pillars of Peace are a collection of objectives that must be met in order to open the doors to the distant realm. Characters may acquire numerous prizes and go farther in the game by accomplishing several main and side mission objectives. In addition, in order to obtain access to strong weapons and goods, players may need to acquire specific resources.

In the end, this is a fantastic opportunity for players to immerse themselves in Genshin Impact’s rich narrative and engrossing gameplay in order to eventually unlock the Nine Pillars of Peace and gain entry to a new world full of adventure.

Summary of the process of opening the Pillars

The Nine Pillars of Peace are a set of tasks that Genshin Impact players may accomplish in order to get prizes. Players must first acquire four Anemoculus, four Geoculus, and five Statues of the Seven in order to access the nine pillars. Then, from each of these objects, they must get the teleport waypoint in order to open the appropriate pillar.

Following that, players must gather Windwheel Aster to fill each pillar with energy, which will reward them differently for finishing each one. Finally, in order to access all nine pillars and get the final prize – a free Wish – players must face four distinct and formidable enemies.

Following this procedure will enable Genshin Impact gamers to unlock all nine pillars and maximize their gameplay experience.

How to Open the Nine Pillars Genshin Impact? Nine Pillars of Peace

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