Countdown to Rosaria’s Genshin Impact Release – Skills, Game

It’s almost time for Rosaria to make her debut in Genshin Impact! Get hyped for the release with our countdown, where we take a look at all of her skills and what role she’ll play in the game!

Rosaria Genshin Impact Release Date

Rosaria is the most recent addition to Genshin Impact as part of the 1.2 version upgrade. She is a member of the Crux Fleet, a group of Fatui-serving warriors. She is a Cryptid, a person endowed with odd abilities that allow her to manipulate ice and snow. Rosaria’s release date has been planned for April 28th, 2021, which is quickly approaching.

To unlock Rosaria, players must finish her quest “Unreconciled Stars,” which will be accessible one week following her release date. Once finished, players will be able to get her Character Ascension Materials, as well as unique weapons and artifacts found exclusively in Genshin Impact.

To assist players who are eager to unlock Rosaria, we have built a countdown meter that counts down from the moment she is released to the time they may begin collecting goods from her quest. Before her mission opens, players need make sure they have enough Original Resin and Adventure Rank.

Rosaria Gameplay Genshin Impact

Rosaria is the most recent five-star addition to the Genshin Impact lineup. This mystery lady comes from Mondstadt and has a remarkable set of powers that allow her to take on even the most dangerous enemies. In Genshin Impact, players can now look forward to obtaining Rosaria’s distinctive set of skills and mastering her gaming style.

Rosaria’s weapon and passive abilities may be tailored to the player’s preferences. Her four-piece sets are mostly focused on enhancing regular attack damage, enabling her to do huge damage over protracted battles or rapidly remove adversaries with a few well-placed combo strikes. Furthermore, Rosaria’s elemental Burst provides her with an abundant supply of elemental damage and allows her to retain crowd control throughout difficult confrontations. With these potent powers at their disposal, players may be certain that they will be able to defeat any rival in Genshin Impact.

Rosaria Skills – Abilities and Burst

Rosaria is a significant character in the popular anime and manga series Genshin Impact. She is an Anemo master who traverses the globe in search of knowledge and wisdom. Rosaria is a formidable fighter with elemental skills such as Pyro, Cryo, Anemo, and Hydro. Her unique Burst ability enables her to harness these components for devastating attacking and defensive movements.

She has access to a number of crowd control abilities, including multiple-target stuns, slows, knockbacks, and even teleportation skills, in addition to her formidable elemental strikes. Rosaria may become a devastating force in combat by combining her elemental talents with her Burst ability. When Genshin Impact releases later this year, players will be able to employ her skills and Burst.


To summarize, Rosaria has a distinct and strong playstyle that would benefit any Genshin Impact squad. She has a strong damage output, excellent crowd management, and support skills, making her an excellent pick for both PvE and PvP combat.

Rosaria’s powers make her one of the most formidable characters accessible, despite the fact that she isn’t the game’s first five-star character. With her ability to easily wipe down huge groups of adversaries with area-of-effect strikes, she is likely to become a player favorite in no time.

So be ready for an amazing new character release soon, Rosaria.

Rosaria Genshin Impact Release Date - Skills - Gameplay Video - Burst

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