How to Make Smooth Afternoon Tea in Genshin Impact: A Simple Guide

Looking to add a little something special to your next afternoon tea break in Genshin Impact? Follow our simple guide on how to make a smooth cup of tea that’s perfect for sipping on while exploring Teyvat.

How to Make Smooth Afternoon Tea Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, making Smooth Afternoon Tea is an important aspect of the game. The recipe requires the gathering of a number of components, some of which may be collected from particular locations or even created using other ingredients. This article will walk you through the processes required to brew Smooth Afternoon Tea in Genshin Impact.

To begin, gather all of the ingredients for the recipe: Jasmine Flower, Sugar, Milk, and Iron Ores. All of these objects may be discovered through exploring Teyvat and fulfilling different missions. Once you’ve gathered these ingredients, you may begin creating your Smooth Afternoon Tea. To do so, open your Character menu and choose Crafting from the drop-down menu. Select Cooking from the sub-menu, followed by Morning/Afternoon Tea from the recipes section. Place all of your ingredients in their appropriate places and hit Craft to complete your Smooth Afternoon Tea.

Items Needed

In Genshin Impact, making your own afternoon tea is straightforward and delightful. All you need to create a delicious cup of afternoon tea are the following ingredients:

  • Two Nice Sweet Potatoes,
  • two Nice Lotuses,
  • one Honey Wax, and
  • two Wolfhooks.

You’ll need to look around your neighborhood to locate each of these ingredients. Sweet potatoes may be found in the vicinity of Liyue Harbor; Lotuses may be discovered in Mondstadt; Honey Wax near a bee hive in Dragonspine; and Wolfhooks near Dadaupa Gorge.

After gathering all of the ingredients, mix them in a cooking pot to prepare your own tasty afternoon tea. Enjoy.

How to make Smooth Afternoon Tea Genshin Impact? Steps to Follow

Smooth Afternoon Tea is a limited-time item in Genshin Impact that grants you an HP recovery boost. It’s not the simplest recipe, but it’s well worth the effort. Smooth Afternoon Tea must be made using a recipe that calls for six ingredients. One Signora Flora, one Fine Enhancement Ore, two Flaming Flower Stamens, one Slime Condensate, and one Crystallized Essence are the components.

In addition to these ingredients, you’ll need some Empty Flasks to make the tea. Empty Flasks may be obtained by accurately shooting down certain birds with your bow and arrows or by purchasing them from an NPC dealer in Mondstadt.

When you have all of the necessary supplies, open your inventory and go to the recipe books tab. To begin constructing your tea, open the Smooth Afternoon Tea book and click create. When asked, follow the on-screen directions, and then enjoy your freshly prepared Smooth Afternoon Tea.

The Last Word

The Last Word is the most critical aspect of producing Genshin Impact Afternoon Tea. It is your opportunity to provide a seamless and delightful experience for your visitors. After making your tea, gently move it to a different pot or cup to ensure that all flavor components are uniformly distributed. Then, one by one, add ice cubes until the required consistency is reached. Finally, if desired, decorate with rose petals or orange slices and serve.

Following the techniques given above, making Afternoon Tea in Genshin Impact does not have to be complicated. You can make a great tea for yourself and your guests with only a few basic ingredients and little TLC. Following these measures will undoubtedly contribute to a pleasant afternoon tea gathering.

How to Make Smooth Afternoon Tea Genshin Impact? Simple Guide