How to Thaw All the Shards Out: Genshin Impact’s The Mountains

Thaw all the frozen shards out in Genshin Impact’s The Mountains area with this quick and easy guide.

Thaw all the Shards Out Genshin Impact: Location 1

An instruction manual for Genshin Impact, an open-world, free-to-play fantasy adventure game, may be found at Genshin Impact: Location 1. The instruction manual describes how to remove a sizable Shard from the Dragonspine mountain in the game’s environment. Players must first uncover three lesser Shards hidden throughout the region in order to liberate it from its frozen captivity.

When ice blocks are broken with a Pyro spell and subsequently transformed into water droplets with a Cryo spell, each of these Shards may be released. Players must perform an elemental burst attack on the frozen Shard in order to thaw it out and reveal its rewards after locating all three Shards and joining them with their bigger counterparts.

Players may unlock additional characters, weapons, resources, and other stuff in Genshin Impact by following this straightforward procedure.

How to Thaw all the Shards Out Genshin Impact: Location 2

The Mondstadt area is the second site to thaw out all the shards in Genshin Impact. There are a total of 5 shards here that need to be defrosted.

The Sea of Clouds waypoint is where you may find the first shard. Players must achieve a particular level in order to activate this shard, which is situated east of Dragonspine Mountain.

After finishing an archon quest, the second shard may be discovered in Stormterror’s Lair. Starglow Cavern is the location of the third shard, which may be obtained there by completing an Expedition Challenge task.

In Dawn Winery, the fourth and fifth shards are both found, and access to them requires completing two Expedition Challenge missions.

It should be noted that before any of these five destinations may be activated, certain levels of advancement for each shard must be reached, so make sure you have adequate Adventure Rank. Return to Mondstadt, the main hub city of Genshin Impact, when all five shards have been defrosted, and go on with your quest there.

How to Thaw all the Shards Out Genshin Impact: The Final Location

The last of the five shards that must be defrosted in order to restore the area’s climatic equilibrium and go on in Genshin Impact’s The Mountains zone is found at the game’s final location. This last position is high along the mountain ridge, east of Dadaupa Gorge. Up until they ultimately reach a snowy plateau near the summit, players will have to climb up a moderate-to-steep elevation, passing several resource nodes along the way.

Many stones and crystals on the plateau are frozen, and they can only thaw with time and rising temperatures from adjacent bonfires. Players may access the resources and things contained in each frozen element by interacting with them, including primogems and other awards for achieving this goal. The world of Genshin Impact may be explored in its entirety when all the shards have thawed out, or players can go on with their mission.

How to Thaw all the Shards Out Genshin Impact? The Mountains Quest

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