What Is The Load Limit of a Wind Catcher in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact has a lot of different mechanics that players need to be aware of, and one of those is the load limit of a wind catcher. In this article, we’ll explain what the load limit is and how it affects gameplay.

What Is The Load Limit Of A Wind Catcher Genshin Impact?

The load capacity of a Wind Catcher in the game Genshin Impact is governed by the character’s Anemo wind power. A character with more Anemo power may often carry more objects in their Wind Catcher. A Wind Catcher slot has a maximum weight restriction of 50 units, which may be filled with any item or item stack of equal or lower weight. If one piece of an item weighs 5 units, then 10 pieces of the same item would fill all 50 slots in the Wind Catcher.

As a result, characters must exercise caution when determining what to take and how much of it to carry, as carrying too much might overload the Wind Catcher, preventing further use until the items are removed.

How to Find Wind Catcher?

Wind Catcher is a hard to come by equipment in Genshin Impact. It may be used to craft and enhance formidable weapons, as well as to unlock new game accomplishments.

To discover Wind Catcher, you must first locate a Wind Pedestal, which may be found in various places of Mondstadt or Liyue. Because they are not clearly visible, knowing where to look is critical. When you discover one, climb up and interact with the circle that emerges in the middle. This will start a Battle Pass, which will generate foes and award you with goods if you complete it; one of which is the Wind Catcher.

However, bear in mind that each area has its own load limit for Wind Catchers; which means that once you have one, you can’t get another until your current one is used up or exhausted.

Crafting Materials For Wind Catcher

In Genshin Impact, crafting materials for a Wind Catcher are required if you want to make a strong weapon capable of doing massive quantities of damage. Crystal Chunks, Moonlight Stones, and Cor Lapis are among the resources used to make a Wind Catcher.

  • Crystal Chunks are mostly earned when exploring the world, although they may also be gained via weekly challenges or by fighting monsters.
  • Moonlight Stones may be discovered laying about after combat, but they can also be earned through recycling weapons and other equipment and unlocking chests.
  • Cor Lapis may be purchased in the Souvenir Shop or discovered in Secret Domains and Fatal Shrines.

These resources are vital for creating a strong Wind Catcher in Genshin Impact as their combination determines your weapon’s load limit, which is the amount of damage it can dole out once completely charged up before firing.

How To Use Wind Catcher in Genshin Impact?

Wind Catchers are an excellent technique to ensure that your character delivers more damage while battling monsters in Genshin Impact.

Wind Catchers increase your attack, defense, and movement speed. They may also be utilized to generate elemental reactions, which can significantly boost damage.

The Wind Catcher is easy to use. Simply equip it to one of your characters and activate it by hitting the relevant button. The Wind Catcher will then create a wind field around your character, doing damage to any opponents within its range. You may also use the wind field to smash specific things, allowing you to access higher levels or discover mysteries.

However, each Wind Catcher has a load limit, so be cautious not to exceed it while utilizing them regularly. They may make all the difference in Genshin Impact battle if used correctly and strategically.


Finally, the load limit of a Wind Catcher in Genshin Impact is governed by the weapon’s rarity. A four or five-star wind catcher can normally hold up to six components, but a three-star wind catcher can only hold three. Higher rarity variations of this weapon type are required if you want to use strong elemental reactions.

Furthermore, although a four or five-star wind catcher may hold more elements than a three-star counterpart; its skills pale in comparison to weapons with greater numbers.

Finally, remember that Elemental Reactions are critical to success in Genshin Impact; knowing how they function and gaining their catalysts is critical for any player trying to advance through the game.

What Is The Load Limit Of A Wind Catcher Genshin Impact