The Ultimate Guide to Equivalent Exchange in Genshin Impact

Looking to get the most out of Genshin Impact’s equivalent exchange mechanic? Check out our comprehensive guide to learn everything you need to know!

Equivalent Exchange Genshin Impact

Equivalent Exchange is a new feature introduced by Genshin Impact. This new feature enables gamers to trade goods for higher-level prizes. Essentially, lower-level gear may be traded up for statistically superior stuff. The Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange is very important for acquiring strong weapons, relics, and other items.

To use the Equivalent Exchange mechanism, players must have the Wishes money Once a player has accumulated enough Wishes, they can visit a certain NPC and execute an exchange for desired gifts. This is known as Nada’s Exchange and is outlined in the Update Patch Notes.. The Equivalent Exchange mechanism makes it simple for players to get uncommon things in the game. It’s also worth noting that each sort of object trades in at a different price; some cost 2 Wishes, while others cost 4 Wishes or more.

  • Transferring a Whisper of the Elements item, for example, costs four wishes, but exchanging an Elemental Resonance Character grants 12 wishes.

However, these trades continue to be highly useful in gaining strong armor and equipment without having to spend a lot of time and effort grinding out individual drops or runs.

How to Unlock?

The Equivalent Exchange concept from Genshin Impact is a fantastic approach to develop your team. You may unlock strong new characters, weapons, and relics by using unique things gathered from monsters and chests. Unlocking these prizes requires the proper mix of a range of materials.

You must first locate the Statue of the Seven in order to begin unlocking prizes through Equivalent Exchange. Finding one of these statues will start a quest to collect four pieces: two Anemoculus and two Geoculus Patch Notes Revealed: Once you’ve gathered them, you’ll need to mix them with a few additional components discovered in chests and in battle with foes to get valuable resources that can be redeemed as currency at the Statue of the Seven.. These will be upgraded to Enhanced Anemocluster and Enhanced Geocluster, which may then be traded for other prizes.

Other elements obtained in Genshin Impact’s environment, such as Contribution XP and Primogems, may also be utilized to unlock more sophisticated prizes. Knowing what resources are required to unlock certain prizes is critical for going through Genshin Impact’s intricate inventory system:

  • Anemoculus
  • Geoculus
  • Enhanced Anemocluster
  • Enhanced Geocluster
  • Contribution XP
  • Primogems

Equivalent Exchange Genshin Achievements

The Equivalent Exchange Genshin Achievement is a one-of-a-kind and difficult job in Genshin Impact. This accomplishment requires that you complete the Equivalent Exchange:

  • By exchanging things with NPCs, you may fill the bar situated at the top right corner of your mission UI.
  • Trading goods such as crystals and ores with NPCs will earn you Equivalent Exchanges that may be used to replenish the bar.
  • Each item you trade will provide you a set amount of advancement based on its rarity and kind, so select your things carefully.
  • When the bar is full, the accomplishment will be unlocked and you will be awarded with Primogems and other items.

The Equivalent Exchange Achievement may seem difficult at first, but it is simple to achieve if done properly.


Equivalent exchange is a critical component of Genshin Impact. This mechanism lets players to get the products and resources they need by trading with one another. Players must figure out the best mix of commodities and resources to get the desired result, and they may even employ additional currencies like Mora, Primogems, and Shards to facilitate deals. Understanding the mechanics of this trading technique is essential to mastering it.

Finally, in Genshin Impact, attempting deals that maximize returns while reducing costs is the most effective method of acquiring the essential materials.

Equivalent Exchange Genshin Impact - Best Guide