A Comprehensive Guide to the Genshin Impact Margaret Drink Quest: Mixing the

A Comprehensive Guide to the Genshin Impact Margaret Drink Quest: Mixing the Perfect Cup – Join Margaret on her quest to make the perfect cup of tea in Genshin Impact. Learn about all the different tea types and how to make the perfect cup each time.


Genshin Impact’s Margaret’s Drink quest is an entertaining side mission. It entails creating a unique dish for Margaret the Water Spirit. The Reagent Light Elixir, Spirit Light Elixir, and Water Essence of Fate are the three distinctive beverages that must be created as part of the mission by gathering various components and blending them.

This thorough guide will provide you all the details you need to finish this quest, including where to obtain each ingredient and how much it will cost in cash and mora. It will also provide advice on how to do it swiftly and simply with the least amount of difficulty. So stop going elsewhere if you’re seeking for information regarding Margaret’s Drink Quest in Genshin Impact.

Overview of the Quest

Genshin Impact’s Margaret Drink Quest requires the player to assist Margaret in gathering the appropriate components and combining them to create a unique drink. You must go to several areas to get the five components needed for this quest: Flaming Tail, Ostrich Egg, Fruit of Intertwined Souls, Sweet Flower, and Fragrant Flower.

The Margaret Drink can only be made by combining all of these ingredients in an alchemical pot once they have been acquired. You may finish this task by yourself or with companions. Players get the recipe for the elixir of tenacity after completing this mission. Using the alchemy station, this recipe may be used to create elixirs that boost HP regeneration for a while after intake.


There are a several requirements that must be satisfied before to starting the Genshin Impact Margaret Drink Quest: Mixing the Perfect Cup sidequest. Players must have achieved Adventure Rank 20 and finished Archon Quest Act II: Raven’s Choice before starting. Furthermore, participants needed to have interacted with Margaret at the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor and finished her sub-questline up to “The Perfect Cup”.

Once each of these conditions has been met, players should speak with Margaret at the Wanmin Restaurant once again, and she will begin the quest. After that, players will be given a unique duty to complete—making a special cup of tea for her—for which they will get a prize. Players must learn how to prepare the tea properly, where to get the required materials, and how to accomplish the other optional questline chores in order to finish this quest.

Obtaining the Recipe

Players must first acquire the recipe in order to start the Genshin Impact Margaret Drink Quest: Mixing the Perfect Cup. You may achieve this by speaking with Margaret in Mondstadt. She will provide you with the recipes you need to prepare her trademark drink as well as step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

Players must locate all of the necessary components for the task after obtaining the recipes. These include:

  • White Lily Juice
  • Snow-Melted Honeydew Nectar
  • Margarita Marigold Tea Leaves

The players should be able to find all of these materials in and around Mondstadt, but some may need some hunting. They are prepared to begin brewing a nice cup of tea once they have all the ingredients.

Unlocking the Quest

Genshin Impact’s Margaret Drink mission requires you to make a unique beverage for Margaret. By advancing through the main narrative and finishing the task 8-3 of Archon Quest: Farewell, the Archaic Lord, this quest may be unlocked. Players will instantly access the Margaret Drink task after completing this quest. The Margaret Drink quest may then be completed by gathering items strewn over Teyvat and meticulously combining them to make a unique drink for Margaret.

The following items are needed to finish the Margaret Drink quest:

  • Geo Crystals
  • Starsilver
  • Mist Grass Pollen
  • Moonshatter Cliffs aromatic flower buds
  • Northlander Claymore Prototype

These must be found around Teyvat or acquired from various retailers.

Step-by-Step Guide

In Genshin Impact, there is a mission called the Margaret Drink Quest that asks players to brew a drink and present it to Margaret. To finish this quest, there are a number of stages that must be taken. This guide will provide a thorough description of each step in detail.

Finding all the components required to prepare the cocktail is the first stage. These include lime slices, soda, lemons, ice cubes, and soda. After gathering all the ingredients, a cup has to be filled with them. Players must move the cup once all the components are inside it to ensure a perfect mixing of them all.

After that, gamers must present it to Margaret for her approval before she would hand out their prize. These instructions should help you complete this quest successfully and get prizes.

Gather Ingredients

Gathering ingredients is one of the main activities that players need to perform in order to complete the Genshin Impact Margaret drink quest. Five unique materials must be gathered for the quest: wolfberries, violet, calendula, rosemary, and mint.

Players must explore Teyvat’s realm and engage in a variety of missions, events, and fights in order to gather these elements. Players may also find new areas where ingredients are concealed by using their Exploration” action points (AP). After the materials have been collected from their separate places, they must be combined in a cup and briefly cooked in boiling water.

Mix the Drink

It’s not difficult to make the drink for the quest, but there are a few special components and procedures that must be followed. Find two different types of fruit and two components from the following list:

  • Rainbow Fruits
  • Pineapples
  • Apples
  • Pomegranates
  • Mushrooms

Next, get five ounces of distilled water from any Teyvat spring.

When you have everything you need in your inventory, go to a location with a pot and a heat source. Put everything in the saucepan and stir it all together until it becomes a light brown color. Enjoy your Margaret Drink after it has cooled.

This quest needs some patience since it could take many tries to blend various fruit combinations before you discover one that works. However, playing with various combinations might help players have a better understanding of how Genshin Impact works and discover more about its distinctive culinary system while taking pleasure in a cool beverage at the conclusion of it all.

Deliver the Drink

The player must give the drink to the designated recipient after finishing the other quest tasks. Players are instructed to go to Mondstadt’s Sunset Fountain in order to do this. When they get there, they will see Margaret standing next to the fountain. She could be joined by a few more NPCs who will converse with her as well.

Players must speak with Margaret and give her the drink they’ve made in order to finish this phase of the quest. After that, Margaret will be overjoyed that someone was able to brew her such a delicious drink, and she will thank them by giving them some Primogems and access to her private item store.

After completing it, players may return to Liyue Harbour and speak with Uncle Liu to wrap off this quest.


Genshin Impact’s Margaret Drink Quest is a difficult quest that calls for players to locate the necessary ingredients, combine them in the exact amounts, and heed Margaret’s instructions. Even though it might be challenging at times, using these suggestions will make it easier for players to complete this quest and get the goodies that are waiting for them at the finish.

Although each NPC specifies a certain component, players should be aware that they are not required to utilize that item first when preparing the drink. To discover which mixture works best with Margaret, they may combine several components in any sequence. Players may also take advantage of:

  • repeated tasks around Liyue Harbor
  • take part in events like “Invitation from Azhai” to replenish their supplies

if they are having trouble acquiring all the essential components. All Genshin Impact players should be able to successfully finish Margaret’s Drink Quest by following these instructions.

Rewards for Completing the Quest

You get several excellent goods for completing the Margaret Drink quest in Genshin Impact. You will be issued a Novice Mixologist Certificate to display your skill as a mixologist once you have prepared your cocktails for Margaret. You will also get a big bonus of Adventure Experience and Mora as a result of this. Additionally, finishing this quest will let you to create various cocktails at the Liyue taverns at night, which you may utilize to create stat-boosting beverages.

After completing the mission, you may return to it with Margaret and choose additional options for even more goodies, including jewels and other prizes. If you choose the incorrect combination or are unable to accurately respond to her questions, she may just take away your prize. In any event, the benefits it offers and the gained skills make finishing the Margaret Drink quest worthwhile.

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