How to Find Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact: All the Best Locations!

Looking for the perfect spot to find sweet flowers in Genshin Impact? Check out our guide for all the best locations!

What is a Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact?

Sweet Flowers are an item in the popular video game Genshin Impact. They are used to create Lantern Oil, which can be utilized in a variety of crafting methods. Sweet Flowers cannot be made, but must be picked from particular areas scattered across the game world. As a result, finding them in ample abundance might be challenging.

Sweet Flowers will appear in the game world as little yellow flowers with white stars that bloom in groups on small rocks or cliffsides. Sweet Flowers may be found in the finest places along rivers, on slopes, and in tall grasslands.

It’s crucial to note that these flower patches regenerate every few days, so they may need to be checked again if they’ve previously been plucked.

How to Get Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact by buying it?

Sweet Flowers in Genshin Impact may be purchased from a variety of different shops in Teyvat. The Mondstadt General Goods store in Mondstadt is by far the most convenient, and may be accessed by speaking with Katheryne and choosing the “Purchase” option. Sweet Flower may be purchased for 80 Mora here.

The weekly Servenite Shops are another location where players may acquire Sweet Flowers. These businesses appear at random around Teyvat and provide a variety of goodies such as Sweet Flowers, Materials, and other valuable goods. Simply pay attention to screen alerts that come every Monday at 12:00 PM server time to find out where these stores spawn.

Sweet Flowers are also available from Endeavors, which require you to complete certain objectives or tasks within Genshin Impact, such as collecting a certain number of items or defeating monsters, after which they will receive rewards, including some packs containing some amount of Sweet Flower, when they have completed their objective or task. Finally, it should be mentioned that this valuable item may also be obtained as random loot from chests around Teyvat.

How to Get Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact by picking them up?

In Genshin Impact, sweet blossom is a scarce resource. Sweet Flower may be obtained by picking them up in the world. They spawn in wide fields, meadows, and grassy regions, usually among other vivid flowers. The easiest method to locate Sweet Flowers is to keep an eye out for their beautiful yellow petals.

Sweet Flowers may be found all across Teyvat, including Mondstadt, Liyue, and other cities. It’s worth mentioning that these flowers appear at random, so you’ll have to visit various spots on a regular basis for fresh sweet flower spawns. Smaller sweet flowers may also be found concealed within chests strewn over the map.

How to Get Sweet Flower in Genshin Impact? Sweet Flower Locations