How to Use Endora in Genshin Impact to Catch Oceanid Creatures

Endora in Genshin Impact is a special kind of creature that can only be found in the ocean. In order to catch one, you’ll need to use a special kind of bait called an Oceanid.

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use Endora in Genshin Impact to catch Oceanid creatures. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get the most out of your Oceanid catches.

How to use Endora in Genshin Impact?

Endora, a new feature in Genshin Impact, is a land populated with oceanid species. The size and complexity of these monsters vary, from little and easy to huge and challenging. To capture them, you must utilize an Endoraan item obtained by speaking with an NPC at the map’s edge.

Before you may utilize Endora, you must first stock your inventory with supplies like as bait and fishing rods. Once your inventory is complete, you may begin utilizing Endora by picking a creature from the game’s list of possible oceanids. Once you’ve decided on one, set your bait and pole in the specified region shown on your map. Then, after a few seconds, try to reel in a creature with your rod.

You should be able to successfully capture several sorts of oceanids using Endora in Genshin Impact if you have enough patience, skill, and luck.

How to Catch Oceanid Creatures: How to use Endora in Genshin Impact?

Using Endora to capture Oceanid species in Genshin Impact is a rather straightforward operation. To begin, make sure your party includes at least two characters. One character must be capable of casting Hydro and Pyro spells. Then, look for visible Oceanid species, which are commonly swimming along the shorelines of the game’s numerous bodies of water.

Once found, equip Endora in your lead character’s Amulet slot, then press A. “Endora’s targeting reticle must be locked upon one of the monsters.

Select A. “Endora’s unique ability will temporarily stun adjacent foes and inflict Pyro damage throughout this period. Any adversary trapped under the Pyrogenesis effect will become immobile and unable to run as Endora’s energy beam captures them.” If you successfully strike an adversary with the energy beam, they will become stuck until you pick Capture” or Release” from their menu screen; if you choose Capture, they will be added to your herd of Oceanid animals.

How to Use Endora in Genshin Impact? Catch Oceanid Creatures