How to Reach Festive Fever Stage 2 and Unlock Guest Flock From Afar

Are you wondering how to reach Festive Fever Stage 2 in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? Once you hit this milestone in the game, you’ll be able to invite guests to your island from afar. Here’s what you need to do to reach this point and unlock the Guest Flock feature.


One of the most significant elements in the Festive Fever Stage 2 process is the Overview heading. It gives an outline of what is required to unlock Guest Flock From Afar. This overview covers the Event Path, Level Up XP Requirements, Resource Cost, and accessible Power Ups.

Users must achieve Level 4 on the Event Path and have enough XP Points to accomplish 8 tasks in order to unlock Guest Flock From Afar. The tasks are classified into categories; each requiring a certain number of XP points to accomplish. Users should also be mindful of the resource costs connected with each task, as well as any possible Power Ups that may be utilized along the route.

Users will have successfully unlocked Guest Flock From Afar if all eight tasks have been accomplished and all resources have been utilized.

What is Guest Flock?

Reaching the game’s Festive Fever level 2 and unlocking Guest Flock from Afar is a thrilling and gratifying experience. To unlock this feature, users must participate in all nine daily mini-events, send at least 30 invites to friends, and complete all of the extra activities.

Daily mini-events include fulfilling orders for locals and assisting them with different odd chores. Once a participant has joined their game, they will need to ask their friends to donate them resources. After completing all of these activities, players will be awarded with a rare gift that enables the Guest Flock from Afar function. This new feature enables players to receive guests who may exchange goods for resources or even money, allowing them to advance on their trip.

What is Festive Fever?

Festive Fever is a holiday event in which players must gather materials to prepare unique delights for the villagers. After gathering enough ingredients, players may advance to Festive Fever Stage 2 and enable Guest Flock from Afar to come and enjoy their hamlet during the celebrations. Many benefits are unlocked as a result of this, including distinctive seasonal furnishings, villagers who only appear during this event, new DIY Recipes, and unusual meteor showers.

To proceed to Festive Fever Stage 2, players must perform specified chores such as:

  • capturing 100 fish or bugs
  • constructing 10 articles of clothing or furniture
  • contributing 3 fossil pieces to the museum
  • and more, depending on where they are in the game – the more progress achieved, the more tasks required.

Each assignment is assigned a certain number of points that contribute to the completion of Festive Fever Stage 2. Collecting these points accumulates until they reach Festive Fever stage 2.


Before you can unlock the Guest Flock From Afar, you must first reach Festive Fever Stage 2. Let’s go through them so you know what to do next:

  1. Have 10 or more party animals, as well as 6 or more activities and decorations in your park.
  2. Gather 200 people in the park.
  3. Plant three or more various varieties of trees, plants, and flowers on your property, ensuring sure that none overlap or are too far away.
  4. Keep an eye out for gift boxes during celebrations since they’ll help you receive higher prizes while collecting.
  5. Maintain the cleanliness of your park by collecting all generated things that aren’t decorations.
  6. Complete all Festive Fever-related game activities and conserve coins for future rounds so you don’t spend them all at once.
  7. Finally, have fun while playing and try not to worry too much about discovering everything.

Unlocking the Adventurer’s Guild

To get access to the Adventurer’s Guild, players must first gather the information required to advance to Festive Fever Stage 2. To unlock the Rank 1 Adventurer’s Guild quest, they must first travel to their local crafting station and make 10 items of a specified sort. They must use this key to find and activate Festive Fever Stage 2 after completing this assignment and collecting all required goodies, including a Festive Fever Key.

After completing Festive Fever Stage 2, players may progress to Guest Flock From Afar. In order to fulfill the Rank 2 Adventurer’s Guild objective, they must visit their local crafting station and make 5 items of that exact category. After completing this assignment and collecting all of the appropriate goodies, including a Special Flock From Afar Key, they must use this key to activate Guest Flock From Afar.

Unlocking the Battle Pass

Unlocking the Battle Pass in Genshin Impact is essential for progressing to Festive Fever Stage 2 and gaining access to Guest Flock from Afar.

In Genshin Impact, there are two methods to get the Battle Pass. Endora may be purchased straight from the shop or collected by players. Endora is a precious resource that is required to unlock the Battle Pass. Players must acquire enough of it to achieve Battle Pass level 15, when they will uncover their prizes.

Endora may be obtained through participating in numerous activities across the globe of Genshin Impact, such as collecting resources and unlocking chests. Endora are more precious since they are harder to come by than many other resources. More seasoned gamers may come across rarer forms of endora that provide even bigger prizes when acquired.

With their battle pass prizes, a player will be able to achieve Festive Fever Stage 2 and unlock Guest Flock from Afar after they have accumulated enough endora.

Unlocking Guest Flock

Unlocking Guest Flock is the second of three levels in Festive Fever, a game mode that debuted as part of the seasonal event in December 2020. The purpose of this level is to get access to the Guest Flock, a group of strong alpaca buddies that will assist you in progressing through all three stages.

To do this, your team must complete all five festively themed tasks. Each challenge has its own set of prizes, such as new seasonal goods and customizations, and unlocks new areas of the Festive Fever global map. Completing these trials also unlocks puzzle pieces strewn over the area, which, when triggered, unlocks the Guest Flock. Once unlocked, they may be utilized to perform tasks and earn extra prizes as you travel through the levels of Festive Fever.

Reach Festive Fever Stage 2

To get Guest Flock from Afar in the game, players must first complete Festive Fever Stage 2. Players must prepare their islands by putting decorations and structures. This may include holiday-themed structures like the Christmas tree, Big Snowman, and Giant Present Island.

After placing these decorations, users must add holiday-themed resources such as:

  • Supplies for different recipes
  • Furniture for room design
  • Snowflakes for celebrations
  • Other objects

After completing and collecting these chores during the game’s seasonal event,” players will be able to advance to Festive Fever Stage 2, which enables them to invite visitors from neighboring islands. Collecting their visitor prizes is required to unlock distant fluxes, one of which is Guest Flock, at Festive Fever Stage 3.

Complete the Festive Fever Challenge

The Festive Fever challenge is made up of a number of in-game goals that players must fulfill in order to progress to the next level. Stage 2 asks players to unlock a Guest Flock from afar. They must harvest 30 different types of fruit from around their island to do this. After collecting all 30 fruits, the player may create a Basket and use it to entice a Guest Flock. The Guest Flock will then greet the player and offer a variety of goodies in return for various things or chores.

Because reaching Stage 2 is required for accessing unique seasonal content, finishing the Festive Fever challenge is critical for those who want to experience all Animal Crossing: New Horizons has to offer.

Collect the Festive Fever Reward

Completing the Festive Fever Reward unlocks Guest Flock From Afar. This prize is earned by collecting a specified quantity of yellow things scattered across the game environment. In addition, gamers with a Club membership must perform a series of tasks in order to get the essential materials.

Once all of the requisite yellow objects have been acquired, players may head to their Inventory and find that they’ve completed Festive Fever Stage 2, which unlocks Guest Flock From Afar. Players may then utilize this prize to get a discount on shop or special item bundles. Additionally, visitors from afar will emerge in-game, bringing even more goodies.

Tips and Tricks

Tips and tactics may help you get to Festive Fever Stage 2 and unlock Guest Flock From Afar.

  • First, make sure the birds are well-fed with a variety of delicacies. This will help them create a deeper link with your island, resulting in more visitors from other countries visiting.
  • Also, make sure your island has lots of decorations and activities for guests to enjoy. It is critical to go out of your way to make guests feel welcome.
  • Finally, if you need a little additional assistance getting to Festive Fever Stage 2, try purchasing goods from Nook’s Cranny. Regularly doing so will guarantee that you attain your objective swiftly and effortlessly.

Unlocking Festive Fever Challenges

Unlocking Festive Fever Challenges is the second phase in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to successfully complete the Yellow Item gathering goal. To get to this level, players must first collect all five Flick prizes from the onboarding flights. After finishing this assignment, they will be able to start unlocking Festive Fever tasks in order to get Yellow Items.

This level asks players to do numerous activities in order to gain points and access uncommon things from Nook Miles+ special branches and the Egg Hunt Event. During these activities, players may collect objects like snowflakes and celebratory feathers that can be utilized to make DIY crafts and build distinctive furnishings. Completing certain difficulties may also lead to players earning Guest Flock From Afar goods, which will reward them with even more special stuff later on.

Completing the Challenges

Players must collect a total of 10 yellow objects to advance to the Festive Fever Stage 2. Players may do this by fulfilling game tasks. Challenges are tasks that players must do in order to get prizes. This might involve achieving a specified score, finishing levels in a set amount of time, or collecting specific things.

As players continue through the game, additional challenges and prizes become available, bringing them closer to acquiring the Guest Flock From Afar item. Furthermore, certain challenges may provide players with rare Yellow Items that may be used to unlock Festive Fever Stage 2. As a result, it is critical that players complete as many tasks as possible in order to get access to all available awards and yellow goods required to unlock the Guest Flock From Afar item.

Collecting the Rewards

Collecting prizes is required to progress to the Festive Fever Stage 2 and unlock the Guest Flock From Afar. While collecting all of the yellow things may seem to be a difficult task, there are various tactics you may use to assist speed up the process. The most crucial stage is to concentrate on certain parts of your island that are rich in yellow objects.

For example, trees may produce an abundance of Yellow Pine Cones and Bells, whilst visiting neighboring islands can result in an abundance of Yellow Pearls and Coral. Furthermore, fishing is an excellent approach to get extra yellow things since certain fish have a possibility to drop them. Take advantage of Nook’s Cranny’s “buy one, get one free” promotion on yellow crafting resources including iron nuggets, wood, and stone. You should be able to acquire enough yellow things to achieve Festive Fever Stage 2 and unlock Guest Flock From Afar by combining these techniques with time-based occurrences such as special NPCs visiting on your island.


It’s a satisfying sensation to reach Festive Fever level 2 and unlock the Guest Flock From Afar. It’s time to savor the benefits of eight weeks of hard work. This level of the event will provide you extra Prestige Points, unique goodies, and the opportunity to give back via timed challenges. The Guest Flock From Afar function may also assist in bringing additional players into your gaming community and strengthening bonds.

Keep in mind that this is simply the first stage of Festive Fever. There will be many more phases. Continue your excellent job.

How to Unlock Guest Flock From Afar in Genshin Impact? Reach Festive Fever Stage 2

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