How to Get the Yellow Item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin

This guide will show you how to get the yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin.


Five Flushes of Fortune is a Genshin Impact mini-event that requires players to accomplish five tasks, each of which unlocks a different color of prize. The fifth mission will reveal the yellow item, which is the most sought-after prize from this event. Earning it grants players 500 Primogems, the game’s premium money, as well as the opportunity to get five unique presents from Liyue and Liyue Harbor merchants.

This tutorial will show you how to accomplish all five tasks and get the yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact. It contains information about each quest as well as ideas and tactics for doing them swiftly and effectively. By following this strategy, users should be able to get the coveted yellow item in no time.

Overview of Genshin Impact and Yellow Item

MiHoYo created Genshin Impact, an online adventure game. The people in the game are from Teyvat, a mythical planet full with magic and miracles. In Genshin Impact, players take on the role of “travelers,” exploring Teyvat’s vast universe while fulfilling numerous tasks and goals.

Obtaining a yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact is one such task. This task is located in Mondstadt and requires the player to open five chests placed across the region. Each box will contain one of five goods required to complete this quest:

  • four colored gemstones
  • one yellow item

To gain this yellow item, players must first locate and combine all five chests in the correct sequence. Once all five things have been collected, they must be presented to an NPC called Gloria at Wisdom Park to unlock and claim their prize, the yellow item required for the task.

How to Get Yellow Item Photo

Obtaining the Yellow Item from the Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin is a simple yet dependable means of obtaining uncommon resources. This article will explain how to get the Yellow Items Photo and what benefits you may anticipate along the way.

  • First and foremost, keep in mind that players may only get one Yellow Item every run of Five Flushes.
  • Second, they must be located in certain locations on each run; there is no assurance that they can be found in any location at any time. As a result, patience and trial-and-error are key skills in this situation.

Once a player has discovered the location where their Yellow Item may appear, they must snap a picture with their in-game camera; doing so will result in them obtaining a “Adventurer’s Photo” from another character when traveling. After gathering many pictures from various locations on Teyvat’s map, players may merge these photos into a single piece at The Uninhabited Island for a prize item known as “Yellow Item.”

Overall, although this approach requires some research and effort on the side of the player, it gives them a better chance of obtaining the desired item than any other option now accessible in Genshin Impact.

Five Flushes of Fortune

Five Flushes of Fortune is a unique event in the video game Genshin Impact. In this event, participants may earn unusual goodies by completing a task that requires them to fill various containers with five golden chips. A yellow object is one of these gifts. To get it, players must rapidly deposit all five golden chips into one of the four bigger receptacles. They will be awarded with the yellow item if they are successful.

The event also includes a leaderboard system, where participants may compete for greater scores and awards. Five Flushes of Fortune is an excellent method for obtaining the elusive yellow item, but it needs both skill and luck to succeed.

Other Methods to Get Yellow Item Photo

There are many options available for obtaining the Yellow Item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin. The most typical method is to complete daily commissions to earn Bounty Vouchers, which may be redeemed for Four Flush things at the Souvenir Shop. If you have too many primogems or Genesis Crystals, you may use them to buy Four Flush things from the Souvenir Shop.

Another approach is to take part in events such as Ley Line Outcrops and domains in order to get Four Flush goods as a prize after they are completed. You could also get an additional Four-Flush item if you happen to open a chest that drops one while exploring. Finally, if everything else fails, you may always swap materials with other players who have the item you don’t yet have.

Strategies for Acquiring Yellow Items

Obtaining a Yellow Item from the Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact is a difficult task. Fortunately, there are several tactics you may use to improve your chances of success.

  1. The first step is to learn how the game works. When playing the Five Flushes of Fortune minigame in Genshin Impact, players will get five cards. One of these five cards is a Yellow Item. The last four will consist of a variety of gifts and resources, such as Anemo Sigils, Mora coins, and Primogems.
  2. Knowing this information enables players to strategy and increase their chances of success by concentrating on obtaining the yellow item.
  3. Another technique for obtaining a yellow item is to store up Event Prizes before to playing the game in order to maximize your rewards. Because you may only earn one yellow item every day from this minigame, it’s critical to make the most of it by loading up on event prizes ahead of time.
  4. You should have no issue collecting the things you need from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact as long as you keep these techniques in mind and adapt them based on whatever goods are available each day.

Increase Adventure Rank

Genshin Impact adventuring may be an excellent method to get many of the stuff you need to succeed, including Yellow Items. The higher your Adventure Rank, the more likely you are to get access to certain resources. You will have access to additional websites, which may give more opportunity to purchase the essential things at greater prices than usual.

A higher Adventure Rank also increases your chances of accomplishing specific challenges and activities, which might result in important prizes. Smaller missions, such as

  • defeating certain sorts of monsters
  • exploring specific places

are also useful methods to get resources for crafting or upgrading Yellow Items. Playing regularly over time will ultimately lead to you obtaining what you need more quickly.

Farm Primogems

Primogems are the money in Genshin Impact, and they may be gained mostly by performing in-game objectives or buying them from the shop. Participating in events like Five Flushes of Fortune, which provides you the possibility to earn Yellow goods that can be traded for loads of Primogems, is one of the best methods to harvest them.

There are certain tactics you may employ to boost your odds of success while cultivating Primogems from Five Flushes of Fortune. One strategy is to accumulate a stock of lower-tier items such as Prisms and Hero’s Wit before trading them for Yellow items. Another technique is to store up your Primogem rewards so that you may swap bigger batches at once, giving you a better chance of receiving a nice haul. Finally, keep in mind that even if you don’t receive any Yellow items this time, there will be additional possibilities in the future.

Complete Daily Commissions

Completing daily commissions is one of the greatest ways to get yellow things from Genshin’s Five Flushes of Fortune. The daily commissions are simple to accomplish and provide a significant payout in the end. You will get “Founder’s Stamps” for completing a daily commission. These stamps may be redeemed for products such as a yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune.

Other incentives for daily commissions include Primogems, Character EXP materials, Mora coins, and more. In light of these incentives, it is worth mentioning that fulfilling daily commissions may significantly boost your odds of receiving a yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune.

Participate in Events

Participating in events is the greatest method to get a Yellow item from Genshin’s Five Flushes of Fortune. Events are time-limited tasks and activities that occur inside the game environment. Promotional events, seasonal festivals, story-based challenges, and other sorts of events are available. Many of these events will provide things to players who complete specified tasks or goals.

Participating in these events allows you to acquire the necessary things to unlock various sorts of prizes from Five Flushes of Fortune. Furthermore, several events include distinctive gifts that cannot be obtained elsewhere in Genshin Impact. As a result, if you wish to get the Yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact, you must:

  • Participate in numerous events
  • Accomplish all goals


To get the yellow item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact, players must first finish the Dragonspine questline, which enables the gambling option. The game needs five consecutive victories against the Fortune Cat NPC. Players must keep track of who wins and put bets appropriately. They will obtain the Yellow Item if they win five games in a row.

Although it may need many efforts to win five times in a row, this is the sole option for players to get the item. Obtaining the yellow item is attainable with patience and chance, and it may considerably assist a player throughout their Genshin Impact game.

Summary of Strategies to Obtain Yellow Items

One of the most difficult goods to get is the Yellow Item from Five Flushes of Fortune in Genshin Impact. There are numerous ways to get it, including trading, writing letters, and purchasing it.

  • Trading with other players is done through an in-game merchant platform where you may arrange a transaction for the item.
  • Mailing letters or scrolls is accomplished by sending messages to other players and asking whether they have the item or are willing to trade it for anything else.
  • Finally, if you have enough Tickets or Primogems, you may purchase Yellow Items straight from the Genshin Impact shop.

Aside from these techniques, players may engage in luck-based activities like Wondrous Gacha Recipes and Daily Commissions, which function similarly to gambling games and provide a larger chance of acquiring rare things like this one.

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