How to Unlock Genshin Impact’s Perfect Shot Quest: A Complete Guide

Can’t seem to unlock the Perfect Shot quest in Genshin Impact? Here’s a complete guide on how to do it.


The Perfect Shot Quest is a timed event in Genshin Impact that needs you to perform a series of objectives in order to obtain a plethora of goodies. This mission may be achieved by conversing with Lisa and Lilith near the City of Wangshu Inn at the Starglow Cavern waypoint.

Once unlocked, you will be charged with photographing different spots in Teyvat and sending pictures to Lisa and Lilith.

This quest’s rewards include numerous Mora, Primogems, Hero’s Wit, Character EXP resources, and even four-star characters. Completing this quest might be difficult since it demands perfect timing and knowledge of the surrounding environment. However, if followed correctly, this method will assist anybody in swiftly unlocking Genshin Impact’s Perfect Shot Quest.

Unlocking the Perfect Shot Quest

The Perfect Shot quest in Genshin Impact is a unique mission that players who have finished the game’s main plot up to archon quest Chapter IV: Farewell, Archon may obtain. This mission provides a one-of-a-kind prize for those who complete it: the Windwheel Aster, an ascension material used to raise characters and weapons.

To get access to this mission, players must first discover and finish the Star of Destiny side quest, which will ultimately take them to Good Hunter Katheryne, an NPC stationed at Stone Gate in Liyue Harbor. When you interact with her, she will unlock the Perfect Shot Quest.

The Perfect Shot Quest demands you to perform six unique challenges, such as:

  • shooting down flying targets in fewer than ten shots
  • killing adversaries with certain weapons in a set number of attempts
  • completing puzzles fast and correctly

If you complete all of the tasks successfully, you will be granted the Windwheel Aster as a success prize.

Complete the Archon Quest

The Perfect Shot quest is part of the Archon Quest: A Long Shot sidequest in Genshin Impact.

To unlock the perfect shot quest, you must first complete a series of obstacles. The first task is to complete the Phoenix Resurgent quest. To finish this, you must battle four bosses, each with their own set of powers and techniques. After that, you will be awarded with an Abyssal Domain and will be able to confront Liyue’s Oceanid monster.

After defeating the Oceanid, speak with Liyue’s Chief Fortune Teller, who will reward you with a Talisman Ring as well as various rare treasures such as Sacrificial Fragments and Crimson Agates. These artifacts may then be utilized at three distinct shrines found around Liyue to further the quest. After conquering all three shrines, you will unlock the Perfect Shot quest, which tests your Genshin Impact combat and exploration abilities.

Unlock the Perfect Shot Quest

Unlocking the Perfect Shot quest in Genshin Impact is a rather straightforward method. To begin, head to the Monarc Tower in Mondstadt and chat with Mona, who will assign you the Perfect Shot task. Throughout the mission, she will ask you to photograph different sites in Mondstadt using your camera. Following that, you must return to her in the Monarc Tower and hand her the images for her to fulfill your wish—the Perfect Shot quest.

To accomplish this quest, you must photograph five specified spots in Mondstadt; these locations are highlighted on your map and may be distinguished by their distinctive form. Return to Mona in the Monarc Tower after taking each of these images, turn them in to her, and then pick “Complete Quest”. Finally, depending on your luck, you will be rewarded by Mona with a weapon or accessory as a prize for completing the Perfect Shot quest.

Completing the Perfect Shot Quest

The Perfect Shot quest in Genshin Impact is a Windblume Festival-related event. To proceed through this questline and further their journey, players must perform numerous activities.

To begin this voyage, players must accept the quest from Paimon at the Adventurer’s Guild or from the Mondstadt Bulletin Board.

From then, players must fulfill different activities such as fishing, assisting wind-blessed travelers, visiting unusual sites, and uncovering Liyue and Mondstadt’s mysteries. Players will be awarded with Story Keys at each phase, which they may use to unlock further puzzles and prizes as part of the Perfect Shot quest. After completing all of these objectives, players will be rewarded with a unique costume set for their character that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Find the Perfect Shot Locations

In order to accomplish the Perfect Shot quest, you must find six separate perfect shots. They may be found all around the realm of Teyvat. Once you’ve arrived at each site, you must interact with it and take a screenshot using your in-game camera. When you approach an ideal site, an exclamation point icon 💥 will appear on it, indicating that it is a photogenic area.

After completing all six shots, you will get confirmation and may advance with the remainder of the mission. Make a note of where each perfect shot is so you don’t have to go looking for them later on while achieving other goals in the game:

  • Perfect Shot 1
  • Perfect Shot 2
  • Perfect Shot 3
  • Perfect Shot 4
  • Perfect Shot 5
  • Perfect Shot 6

Complete the Perfect Shot Challenges

After accepting the mission, players are assigned to locate a mysterious individual called Ye Tong. He’s a sniper who can be found south of Liyue Harbor, right beyond the trail leading to Yaoguang Shoal.

When you find Ye Tong, he will assign you four objectives or targets to fulfill in order to gain the “Genshin Impact’s Perfect Shot” achievement. The first task challenges you to strike certain things while in the air; this involves gliding down cliffs with a burning arrow or javelin, or firing straight into the air from a high vantage point and hitting many targets at once.

The second challenge requires you to use a spinning assault from your melee weapon to do damage to a target while it rotates in midair. The third task is hitting particular spots on a wall of targets as they roll by swiftly, and the fourth test entails shattering several breakable items in one shot with arrows or javelins soaked in oil. When all of these tasks are successfully performed within the time restriction, players may gain Genshin Impact’s “Perfect Shot” achievement.


Players that finish the Perfect Shot quest in Genshin Impact will get a range of prizes. The primary prize, of course, is the chance to equip your character with the Graff Battlesuit. While gliding or diving, this attractive gear increases movement speed and damage to adversaries.

Completing this quest also awards players with 2,000 Mora and 150 Primogems. In addition, completion grants players an Inner Chest containing up to 520 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 4 Hero’s Wit, and 4000 Experience. This makes it well worth your effort to fulfill all of the tasks required to obtain these prizes.

Adventurer’s Experience

The Adventurer’s Experience mission in Genshin Impact provides players with the Perfect Shot weapon when accomplished. This quest has two prerequisites that must be met before it can be completed: Attain Adventure Rank 10 and finish Ganyu’s three tale realms. Players will get a letter from Ganyu requesting them to meet her at Starfell Valley whenever these two prerequisites are satisfied.

To get entrance to the Domain of Forgery at Starfell Valley, players must find and utilize seven devices, each carrying photos shot from different sites throughout Teyvat. Ganyu will explain inside this realm that all seven photos must be duplicated in order for her to offer the user the Perfect Shot weapon. The recreations may be completed by either visiting each area or gathering resources from opponents and chests scattered around Teyvat. When all seven photos are recreated and submitted to Ganyu, she will bestow the Perfect Shot weapon on the player.


Mora are units of money in Genshin Impact. Mora, which can be used to buy weapons, gadgets, and food, is required for players to proceed through the game. It may also be used to purchase chests with unique prizes and other goods. Mora may be found everywhere across Teyvat, and it’s often awarded for accomplishing chores like questing and fighting enemies.

This article will give a complete instruction on unlocking the Perfect Shot Quest to assist players understand what Mora is and how they can obtain more of it. By finishing this quest, players will have access to other sources of money, making it simpler to receive more Mora from each run.

Hero’s Wit

The Hero’s Wit item is required to finish the Perfect Shot quest in Genshin Impact. This item is necessary to get a four-star bow, The Stringless, as a quest reward.

Whispering Wood and Wolvendom are both good places to find Hero’s Wit. It is situated among the windmills on the outskirts of Whispering Wood. It is positioned along the northern cliff edges near the little settlement of Wolvendom. Hero’s Wit, like other lootable things, is most usually discovered laying on the ground and may also be bought from merchants. When you are close, it will always display as a bright yellow beacon, making it easy to see and collect.

Collecting Hero’s Wits will also boost your Discovery Progress in both zones, allowing you to earn additional prizes and find hidden mysteries.


Finally, the Perfect Shot Quest in Genshin Impact is a fantastic opportunity to push yourself and have fun with photography. To finish it, you must capture photographs of specified places and personalities. When you complete this task, you will be rewarded with Mora, Primogems, and a Mystic Enhancement Ore.

When shooting photographs, it is important to be aware of your surroundings. You can capture the ideal photo by using the zoom, filter, stance, and light effects. The finest piece of advice for this endeavor is that practice makes perfect; The more images you take, the higher your chances of obtaining mission prizes. Best wishes.

How to Unlock Genshin Impact Perfect Shot Quest? Complete Guide

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