How To Make Sweet Cider at Lake of the Dragonfly in Genshin

Looking for a delicious way to enjoy the autumn weather? Why not head to Lake of the Dragonfly in Genshin and try your hand at making sweet cider! This guide will show you everything you need to know to get started.

How To Make Sweet Cider Lake Genshin Impact

It’s easy to make sweet cider in the Lake of the Dragonfly in Genshin Impact. Around the lake are the ingredients needed to manufacture cider, which may be mixed to produce a delicious beverage that will give you a buff.

Five Apples, five Silken Swayer Leaves, and two Wild Hops are required to produce Sweet Cider. While the Silken Swayer Leaves and Wild Hops may both be picked from neighboring plants, the apples can be found on close trees along the lake’s edge. All of these components should immediately mix into a bottle of sweet cider after you have gathered them all and combined them in your inventory.

When exploring in Genshin Impact, drinking this will offer you a bonus and more health regeneration.

More about Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming event

Players are tasked with harvesting a variety of ingredients at Lake of the Dragonfly for the Drink A-Dreaming event on Genshin Impact. This event has a time restriction and offers a ton of awesome goods as prizes for finishing it.

Five Fruit, Four Sprite Dew, One Jar of Wild Honey, One Bundle of Arrowleaf, and One Bundle of Redbud are the ingredients you’ll need to prepare Sweet Cider. When you have all of these materials, go to the lake and make your sweet cider there. After creating the cider, you’ll get a “Dragonfly Bottle” prize that may be used to create strong artifacts later on in the game.

Players get additional goods, such as the Anemoculus Resonance Stone and Primogems, for completing this mission. The new Genshin Impact Explorer’s Handbook, which players may utilize to learn more about the many sites in Teyvat, is also available to those who finish this mission.


After all, it’s not difficult to make sweet cider if you know how. You may quickly produce a sweet cider with the help of the instructions provided by the Lake of Dragonfly team in Genshin. Sugar, water, yeast, and some patience are all that are required. Enjoy your cider’s revivingly sweet flavor after fermenting it for at least three days.

The process of making cider is pleasurable, and the final result is much better, whether you choose a robust alcoholic beverage or one that is just barely sweetened. It may be enjoyed on its own when sipped over ice in addition to being a foundation drink for blending with other beverages. So why not try it out?

How To Make Sweet Cider Lake Genshin Impact