How to Make Tart Brilliance in Genshin Impact: A Guide for 2022

Tart, sweet, and perfect for any occasion: Genshin Impact’s Tart is a dish that’s sure to please. Here’s a guide on how to make it in 2022!

What are various types of Drinks you can make?

You may prepare a variety of cocktails in Genshin Impact for your personal delight or as presents. In the alchemy pot, you may combine components to create concoctions with distinctive effects. Some players get unique recipes from NPCs that they may use to create potent elixirs that raise their stats and open up unique gameplay options.

Tart Brilliance, Windwheel Aster, The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, Northlander’s Sigh, Green Hidden Valley Tea, and Blacktail Stew are a few of the most well-liked libations that players may prepare.

One of the most well-known beverages in Genshin Impact is Tart Brilliance, which is prepared by mixing three distinct fruits: Star Jades, Glaze Lilies, and Astral Mushrooms. This produces a beverage that has a vivid purple colour and tastes sweet and tangy. Once ingested, it increases attack damage and physical defense for players for 30 minutes.

Another well-known beverage is called Windwheel Aster, which is produced from Skyward Bladelets, Solar Blueches, Elixir of Life, and Four-Pronged Plume Feathers. It has an 8-hour stamina regeneration boost when ingested. There are numerous options when it comes to making potions in Genshin Impact since various combinations will have distinct effects.

What type of drink is Tart Brilliance?

Tart Brilliance is a unique form of beverage that can be discovered in the well-known video game Genshin Impact. In Genshin Impact, meals like Homestyle Fish Fillet and Sandwiches are prepared with this fruity and tart beverage.

Players must acquire a number of ingredients, including apples, salted cod, bacon, wheat flour, and honey, in order to prepare Tart Brilliance. The players will next combine the apples and salted cod in a container with clean water after gathering all the necessary items. The Bacon Strips, Wheat Flour, and Honey will then be added to the saucepan while the players are tossing everything together after letting it stand for a bit and heating it with heat on a stovetop or an open flame. The end product is a delectable Tart Brilliance that may be savored both by players and guests of Teyvat, the universe of Genshin Impact.

Items Required

In Genshin Impact, creating Tart Brilliance is a delightful pastime that calls for certain supplies. Tart Brilliance may be made using Moonshatter Cliffs, Tasteful Honey, and a sizable Foul Legacy.

In the Stormterror’s Lair Domain, which is situated northeast of the Guyun Stone Forest and northwest of Dawn Winery, are the Moonshatter Cliffs. While Foul Legacy can only be obtained by taking down any elite-level adversary in the Hilichurls Camps scattered across Teyvat, Tasteful Honey may be obtained by killing bees or opening bee hives. All recipes also call for an Anemo Sigil, which may be made from one of three Anemoculus scattered over the globe.

Genshin Impact will allow you to create your own Tart Brilliance with the aid of all these materials.

How to Make Tart Brilliance Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, making Tart Brilliance is a well-liked crafting material that players may use to unlock chests and grow bushes. Additionally, it’s utilized to make several alchemical products, as well as armor and weapons. Players will need to collect Agnidus Agate Slivers and Flaming Core Fragments, which are the two essential ingredients, in order to complete it.

Simply go to an alchemy table or crafting station after you have both of these items. You’ll need a cooking pot, which can be obtained at the Liyue Harbor bookshop for 2000 Mora. When the cooking pot is ready, choose it from the list of choices, then choose “Make Tart Brilliance” from the list of available recipes that appears on your screen. Then put all of the ingredients in the cooking pot to create one Tart Brilliance.

When attempting to advance through Genshin Impact’s tale or looking for potent treasure, Tart Brilliance may come in quite handy, so be sure to farm up plenty of these goods before embarking on your excursions.


The equipment, weapons, artifacts, and money you gain during the game’s many activities are your rewards in Genshin Impact. By completing tasks, exploring dungeons, and taking down tough enemies, you may earn these rewards.

Primogems, a unique sort of money used to buy a variety of products in Genshin Impact, including weapons, artifacts, and resources like ore and crafting supplies, may be earned as rewards.

Characters from Wishes are the most sought-after rewards. The rarity of a character affects your likelihood of receiving them via a Wish, thus it’s critical to pay attention while trying to acquire a particular character.

In Genshin Impact, additional rewards are often given for all actions, such as Adventure EXP, which is required to level up your character and acquire strong goods. Additionally, completing puzzles or defeating certain monsters can get you additional rewards like Mora or Anemoculus/Geoculus.


This summary of Tart Brilliance, its recipes, and the best ways to get the necessary components has been supplied. To sum up, the Genshin Impact recipe Tart Brilliance calls for the following 8 ingredients:

  • Perfect Steak
  • Dandelion Flower
  • Mushroom Roast
  • Spice Orchid Pollen
  • Radish Veggie Soup or Radish Veggie Stew
  • Twin Chilli Dip or Double-Chilled Dip Sauce
  • Royal Cheese Wheel
  • Fleeting Fish

Players get a boost to HP regeneration after finishing it. To get the intended result, players must gather ingredients from chests and rivers while using cookbooks to create recipes using the required components.

How to Make Tart Brilliance Genshin - Guide 2022 - Ingredients Required - Steps to Make

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