Exploring the New Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes

In this blog post, we’ll be exploring the new Minecraft 2.24 PS4 update patch notes and what changes they bring to the game.


Version 2.24 of the famous game Minecraft is now available. This exciting version includes a slew of new features and gameplay upgrades that will enable users to go deeper into their worldbuilding experience. The patch notes contain a summary of all the new additions, including material, monster, and other modifications.

This release includes a number of improvements and upgrades that improve overall gameplay and make it simpler for users to build intriguing and complicated constructions. From monster modifications like zombies, phantoms, and skeletons to construction speed enhancements, this is one update you’ll want – or need – to download soon. There are also additional blocks that allow for even more architectural customisation, as well as variable weather conditions such as rain or snow based on the biome player selects for their planet.

Check out Minecraft’s official website for a complete set of official patch notes outlining all of the changes and improvements included in this version.

Release Date

The official patch notes issued by Mojang Studios on June 3rd, 2021 confirmed the release date for the upcoming 2.24 Update for Minecraft Earth. This featured details regarding the update’s new mobs and features, as well as bug patches and other modifications.

The patch notes stated that the release date for this update will be June 10th, 2021, at 12:00 UTC or 8:00 AM EDT. The update is accessible on all platforms, including the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as iOS and Android smartphones. Players can expect to see all of the new mobs and features they’ve been anticipating on release day.

Version Number

A software release’s version number is an important identifier that aids in distinguishing between successive versions of a product. Version numbers are known as patch notes in Minecraft, and they function by giving a precise reference point between one version and another.

For example, the PS4 patch notes for the new Minecraft 2.24 update clarify the differences between the upgrade and what was previously provided. This approach enables players to compare each patch note or version, allowing them to monitor their progress and changes within the game over time.

Furthermore, by highlighting the unique changes between each patch note, gamers may readily notify others about specific upgrades or features that may be accessible after the update.

New Features

The newly published Minecraft 2.24 patch notes for the PlayStation 4 version of the game provide an exciting opportunity to explore some brand-new features.

The first new feature, ‘Spectator Mode’, allows users to observe and monitor other players’ games without having to participate themselves. Along with spectator mode, the related ‘Adventure Mode’ enables a player to roam the game world as a non-playing character, which means they can’t break or put bricks but can still explore and take in all of their favorite areas.

Other significant modifications include:

  • Updated textures such as fences and banners.
  • Enhanced graphical performance via graphics settings adjustments.
  • A new block sorting system that allows players to manage their inventories much more effectively and rapidly.
  • Support for various controller types.

Minecraft PS4 update patch notes are certainly worth checking out, with so many fascinating things to discover.


The latest Minecraft 2.24 patch notes for the Java version offer a slew of new features to the game. The update adds many new blocks, including Iron Blocks, Steel Blocks, Obsidian, and Crystals, as well as over 200 new objects, such as shields and tools.

In addition, the game now includes biomes such as icy taigas and snow fields. Furthermore, with better AI, villagers now have vocations that can be altered depending on their dress style, as well as various interactions that may be made with them.

The new version also addresses various problems, including:

  • ‘home’ being set when you are more than 32 blocks away from a bed or spawn point;
  • improvements in the end crystal explosion animation;
  • improved terrain generation speed; and
  • others.


The latest Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update patch notes include significant improvements. Most importantly, players may now spend their mission money to purchase additional blocks, pickaxes, and other goods. Furthermore, the user interface has been enhanced, and other bug fixes have been included. Furthermore, gamers may now join up to four servers at once, with better choices for filtering out undesirable information. Finally, gamers will benefit from a redesigned marketplace, which will provide easier access to formerly difficult-to-find commodities such as custom skins.

The patch notes also include a few minor modifications and fixes%. These vary from difficulties with gameplay balance to technological upgrades that should make gaming even smoother:

  • Spend mission money to purchase additional blocks, pickaxes, and other goods.
  • Enhanced user interface.
  • Bug fixes.
  • Join up to four servers at once.
  • Better choices for filtering out undesirable information.
  • Redesigned marketplace with easier access to custom skins.
  • Minor modifications and fixes%.
  • Gameplay balance and technological upgrades.


In addition to the new commands, various changes were addressed in the recently released Minecraft 1.15.2 version.

  • The screen freezing problem was fixed, as well as an issue where players may pass through walls without a legitimate entry when utilizing doors or fence gates.
  • A patch was also included to eliminate light glitches in wet blocks, as well as a repair for commands that weren’t functioning correctly.
  • This version also solved an issue while operating on Java Edition servers, allowing players to correctly join and exit servers while also ensuring that server status messages may be sent several times if the server does not respond the first time.
  • Furthermore, this patch addresses errors relating to players not getting awards after completing specific objectives and improves performance stability across all platforms.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are software fixes that remedy problems and flaws. The new Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes offer a thorough list of bug fixes that developers have performed to make the game more pleasant for gamers. Some of these changes addressed performance difficulties, graphics issues, world loading issues, and UI issues.

Along with bug patches, other enhancements have been made to different elements of the game, such as crafting and basic gameplay mechanics. By resolving such problems, gamers may enjoy a better gaming experience that is free of bugs and glitches.


The latest Minecraft 2.24 PS4 update includes several changes beneath the hood that significantly modify how players interact with the game. One of the most noticeable improvements is that with this latest patch, each playing of Minecraft Lovehunt will finish differently, providing players additional motivation to revisit and properly explore every region.

Other areas of gameplay have been adjusted as well, including updated opponent AI that makes them more tactically clever and stronger defensive strategies when players are assaulted. Furthermore, various adjustments to game objects have been introduced, including the addition of new weapons and armor sets to the game world, as well as modified animations for current weapons to give them a more natural feel when in use.


The Graphics section of the Minecraft Lovehunt 2.24 PS4 Update patch notes includes all of the visual changes introduced to the game. Changes to components such as skyboxes, textures, particle effects, and post-processing effects are included. It also includes graphics upgrades such as speed optimization, compatibility for 4K monitors, and stereoscopic 3D support. All of these enhancements seek to make the world seem more colorful and alive than ever before.

Players should anticipate a more immersive gaming environment with better graphics and speedier loading times overall with these changes:

  • Speed optimization
  • Compatibility for 4K monitors
  • Stereoscopic 3D support


The new Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes’ Performance section examines how the game has been improved for gamers. This contains bug fixes, stability enhancements, and other improvements. Some performance improvements are specifically linked to faster loading times, less random crashes, better world saving, decreased network latency, and smoother player movement.

Overall, this may enhance gamers’ overall playing experience by allowing them to access their favorite games quicker and with fewer interruptions. The patch notes also mention a few more modifications to visuals and audio settings that should deliver a more immersive gaming experience on the PS4 machine.


The Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes adds new features, bug fixes, and graphical enhancements to the game. Gamers may now experience colorful sky, new plant particles, and major color saturation enhancements, all of which contribute to the game’s more realistic appearance.

On the PS4, players will also be able to use new shaders for both single-player and multiplayer games. According to the patch notes, “a variety of ultra-high quality” shaders have been introduced for usage in both adventure and survival modes. Shaders may soften the look of water or enable players to adjust the time of day with a few clicks of their controller’s buttons. In addition, the patch promises enhanced performance when using these shaders in high resolution environments. With these new capabilities, players may now explore their environment in more depth than ever before, while also enjoying a more realistic depiction.


The newest Minecraft for PS4 update, version 2.24, includes various new features and enhancements for online play. Multiple players may join the same game and explore together in online mode. This may be done in split-screen mode or online with up to eight other people from all around the globe.

The update also includes a new Share Play feature that allows you to invite others to join you for up to 60 minutes of exploring and construction, even if they don’t own a copy of Minecraft. You may also connect to servers operated by other users or join Realm servers, which include a plethora of mini-games, competitions, and other activities.

Additional Notes

The new Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes are now out, and there is a lot for gamers to discover. To begin with, the update brings the game up to speed with the PC version of Minecraft, introducing several new features and addressing a few problems.

General functional updates, such as faster load times when loading saved games, are among the enhancements. Players may now now build enchanted books and gain higher rewards for completing tasks or challenges. Players may also use a new command system that allows for simpler gameplay customisation, as well as many other enhancements detailed in the official patch notes.

Minecraft players will welcome this new update since it adds material to their favorite game while also addressing any bugs they may have had when playing earlier. This update is wonderful news for all Minecraft lovers, whether they’re using the features included in this patch or simply exploring what’s available.

Known Issues

The PS4 version of Minecraft 2.24 offered a plethora of intriguing enhancements, including enhanced search capabilities for players, an overhaul to the game’s lighting system, and, probably most crucially, the discovery of larger caverns due to a growing world with new blocks to explore.

The patch notes for this version are available on the official Minecraft blog and include a full description of each feature. Players should be aware that while some caverns are larger than others, they may encounter slower performance when travelling underground. Fortunately, the in-game minimap has been improved and can now show surface-level mapping as well as a more realistic representation of where players are presently placed inside a cave system.

As with every update, backup your saves before applying this patch and report any new issues that arise after installing it.

Upcoming Fixes

The latest Minecraft 2.24 PS4 update is a significant patch that includes a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks. Many of these modifications to the game are aimed towards making it more entertaining and less annoying for players, as well as addressing bugs and increasing Minecraft’s general stability.

The addition of Continuum Shader 1.14 for PlayStation 4 players is a notable change in this release. The shader improves the realism of textures, lighting, and shadows in-game. It also boosts FPS performance, enabling gamers to enjoy smoother gaming on their console even while using demanding graphics modifications. This version also contains adjustments for UI scaling, texture loading performance enhancements, control optimization modifications, and more.

Minecraft has never looked better on PlayStation 4 than it does today, thanks to all of the enhancements included in this latest version.

Minecraft 2.24 PS4 Update Patch Notes