Prismarine Crystals: How Minecraft Uses Them on Xbox, PS4, and

If you’re a fan of Minecraft, then you’ve probably come across prismarine crystals. But do you know what they’re used for?

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how Minecraft uses prismarine crystals on Xbox, PS4, and PC. We’ll also explore some of the benefits of using them. So if you’re curious about prismarine crystals, read on!

Prismarine Crystals Minecraft Uses

In the universe of Minecraft, there exist crystals known as prismarines. They may be used to make a variety of objects and building components, such as prismarine walls and sea lanterns. They also give out a blue glow when exposed to light, which may be utilized to create ominous settings and effects. They are one of the few game items that need experience points to create, as well.

Prismanite crystals may be acquired by fishing or trade with villagers in the console versions of Minecraft for Xbox, PS4, and other gaming systems. On the PC version, players may mine them around ocean ruins or harvest them by mining dark prismarine blocks next to ocean monuments. When mining blocks with the Fortune enchantment attached to their pickaxe, players may utilize it to boost their chances of finding additional Prismarine crystals.

As well as serving as an attractive building material, prismarine crystals can also be used to make a variety of practical items, including:

  • Sea lanterns
  • Prismarine walls that can be used for underwater navigation and as a defense against hostile mobs like guardians or elder guardians when exploring underwater structures like ocean monuments.

How To Get Prismarine Crystals in Minecraft?

The Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game Minecraft include prismarine crystals. These crystals may be used to make enchanted tables and the eyes of ender, among other things. Each of the gems’ many colors has a particular function. For instance, whereas purple crystals are utilized to make powerful weapons, blue crystals may be used to make armor.

By fishing, visiting underwater temples, or cracking open prismarine blocks that naturally appear in deep ocean biomes, players may obtain Prismarine Crystals. Additionally, there is a slight possibility that mobs may drop prismarine crystals to players. Players may manufacture tools and armor with Prismarine Crystals once they acquire them, and they can also mix them with other things to enchant equipment and weapons with stronger magic.

Mob loot

When certain creatures are killed in Minecraft, you may get a specific kind of treasure called mob loot. Along with the normal stuff like experience points, cash, and spawn eggs, this kind of treasure also contains extra goodies like Prismarine Crystals.

Prismarine Crystals are an uncommon resource that may be used to craft a variety of equipment, weapons, and armor in the game. They are dropped by a few creatures. The Xbox, PS4, and PC versions of the game as well as all other platforms support the usage of these goods.

Prismarine Crystals may be used to create goods in-game, but they can also be traded between players for a very high price or exchanged for unique prizes from villages. Knowing what monsters drop them will help you farm them effectively and increase your game prizes since these items are so precious and scarce.


One of the greatest methods to get some of the rare prismarine crystals needed to construct certain game items in OSRS is through mining ammonite crabs. Fossil Island, which is reachable by boat from Port Sarim, is home to ammonite crabs. The crabs must have a Mining level of 44 or above and spawn underground. They may sometimes release shards of prismarine as well as an uncharged crystal when mined.

The trident of the sea, infused rings, seasinger makigai, and arcane stream necklaces are just a few of the things that can be made and recharged with these stones. Each item has a different crystal requirement, however they are often multiplied by many charges. These crystals are also required for finishing a number of missions, including Tales of the Arc and Dragon Slayer II.

Usage of Prismarine Crystals in Minecraft

In the Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC versions of the game Minecraft, there is a specific resource called prismarine crystals. It may be used to make a conduit and a beacon, among other things. Mining for prismarine crystals is possible in the sea or in submerged ruins. They may also be acquired through fishing or exchanging goods with locals. The player will get two Prismarine Crystals from mining, compared to only one from fishing.

The crystal may drop a variety of raw resources, such as prismarine shards, prismarine crystals, or sea lanterns, when it is mined. These materials can be turned into useful goods. The most noteworthy use for prismarine crystals is the creation of a beacon, which increases nearby mining efficiency while also enabling players to see further at night.

How rare are Prismarine crystals?

In the universe of Minecraft, a particular kind of mineral is known as prismarine crystals. They are often found in tiny clusters, are light blue in color, and have individual crystals that are one to three blocks tall. Although they are rather uncommon, prismarine crystals may be discovered naturally in ocean monuments, underwater temples, and seashore caves.

Prismarine crystals emit a bright blue glow when harvested, illuminating the surroundings. Prismanite crystals are useful for making conduits and sea lamps in addition to being beautiful. The conduit is a unique block that gives players extra unique powers when they are underwater in addition to underwater breathing.

In conclusion, prismarine crystals are a somewhat uncommon yet crucial resource for gamers who want to dive into Minecraft’s seas on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or PC. In addition to giving players access to new locations, they also create conduits and sea lights that help them as they explore underwater habitats, among other useful prizes.


On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC, prismarine crystals are a necessary component of the game Minecraft. They may be used to create several goods and equipment, including prismarine blocks, the conduit, and the crysal pickaxe. They may also be used to make a variety of other things, like marine lanterns and other kinds of ornamental blocks.

With prismarine crystals, users may create one-of-a-kind things that aren’t available anywhere else in the world of Minecraft.

In conclusion, prismarine crystals have a variety of applications in the Minecraft game and bring a lot of value. Players on Xbox, PS4, and PC have a lot of creative flexibility when using these unique objects. As long as you have a enough number of prismarine crystals available to you, there are no restrictions on what you may accomplish in this game.

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