AnyRoad’s mission to make it easier for businesses to get around

Difficulty navigating the complexities of business logistics can be crippling. But with AnyRoad nabs $47M in funding, you now have an ally to tackle those logistical challenges and get your business running smoothly.

Get ready to experience a new era of logistics efficiency with AnyRoad!

Introduction to AnyRoad: What it is and What it Does

AnyRoad is an innovative platform that makes it easier for businesses to get around. The platform consists of a suite of data-driven services created to unlock value and improve the productivity of assets and workflows used in transportation. Boasting an impressive team of software engineers, business experts, and operations pros, AnyRoad is revolutionizing how businesses move goods and services using the latest technology.

Since launching in 2017, AnyRoad has experienced incredible expansion. In April 2019, it completed a $47 million funding round, including major venture capitalists and private investors such as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman. This notable capital infusion enables AnyRoad to bring its cloud-based platform to more customers worldwide.

The AnyRoad platform provides several products designed to simplify transportation for businesses:

  • Dynamic Intelligent Package Management (DIPM) uses advanced algorithms that run on artificial intelligence (AI) platforms to ensure on-time deliveries by analyzing hundreds of data points;
  • Insight Portal displays real-time data on global sourcing activities;
  • API integration enables power user features such as custom reports;
  • Advanced dashboards provide deep insights into global traffic by tapping into customer asset metadata and customer “mission control” capability enables continuous optimization over time;
  • Proprietary fulfillment system ensures cost savings for customers through automated order routing based on market trends, supplier proximity geocoding analysis and custom endowment strategies.

AnyRoad’s Mission to Make it Easier for Businesses to Get Around

AnyRoad, a global leader in travel technology, announced that it has raised $47 million in a new round of funding. This brings the company’s total financing to more than $100 million, supporting AnyRoad’s mission to make it easier for businesses to get around.

Led by Temasek and investors such as Salim Dhanani and Baroness Lane-Fox, this round also included existing investors Horizon Ventures and 14W. The fresh capital will be used to invest in product development, expand AnyRoad’s global presence, and hire top talent from the travel industry.

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Founded in 2015, AnyRoad provides unique travel experiences so companies can fuel innovative business objectives while engaging customers in meaningful ways. The company offers tools that enable businesses—from small independents to large enterprises—to easily find locations worldwide for activities like meetings or events. Additionally, AnyRoad offers software that assists with management of trips or employee booking processes.

With offices across Asia Pacific (APAC) and headquartered in Singapore, Anyroad added new offices in Europe and North America earlier this year. In 2020 alone, AnyRoad has seen significant growth across all three geographies with an increase of over 50% new corporate partners joining its platform within APAC alone since January 2020.

The Benefits of AnyRoad for Businesses

AnyRoad is a revolutionary platform designed to help businesses of all sizes get around quickly and easily. The company recently announced a $47M Series B investment and plans to use it to fuel its growth and expand its suite of services. This news has set the stage for AnyRoad to become the leading micro-transportation services provider, making it easier than ever for businesses to get around.

AnyRoad’s innovative software-as-a-service platform offers businesses access to a wide range of transportation services including, but not limited to, vehicle rentals, shuttle bus rentals, ride sharing services, and carpooling. This allows companies to take control of their own travel needs in an efficient and cost effective way. For example, businesses can quickly identify the best solution for their travel needs by comparing options from different providers in one easy view so they can choose the most suitable option that works best for them.

Furthermore, with AnyRoad’s advanced analytics capabilities powered by real time data insights, companies can gain valuable insights into their travel habits enabling them make more informed decisions on future trips or changes in policy that help improve overall productivity and reduce costs.

By providing access to a variety of convenient micro-transportation services as well as advanced analytics capabilities for better decision making regarding transportation logistics, AnyRoad is revolutionizing how businesses get around.

AnyRoad’s Recent Funding Round of $47M

AnyRoad, a transportation Technology Company founded in 2018 and headquartered in San Francisco, recently closed its Series B round of financing valued at $47M. This financing round was led by Insight Partners – with participation from existing investors including Bessemer Venture Partners, Haystack and Morpheus Ventures.

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This funding round will expand the platform beyond ride-hailing providers such as Uber and Getaround, and build a suite of transportation services for businesses and fleets. AnyRoad provides an expansive view into fleet operators’ needs, including data analysis for tracking service requests, driver performance and cost efficiency. Additionally, this funding round will help Anyroad accelerate product development to deliver services that enable smarter use of vehicles through higher occupancy rate, increased route efficiency, reduced transit time and lower maintenance costs.

The Series B investment follows on the heels of an initial Series A investment rounds from 2019 which raised just over $11 million for AnyRoad’s mission to make it easier for businesses to get around. With the recent addition to their war chest, AnyRoad is making significant investments in software solutions that empower businesses to deliver reliable customer experiences while driving profitability with unparalleled insights into their data.

How the Funding Will Help AnyRoad Achieve its Mission

AnyRoad, the transportation and logistics start-up that offers technology to help businesses manage last-mile delivery and logistics, recently announced the completion of its Series C financing, which raised $47 million. This brings AnyRoad’s total funding to $67 million since its initial launch in 2017.

The new investment will help AnyRoad become a leading provider of end-to-end transport solutions for businesses. In addition, the company plans to use the money to further develop its platform and expand its network of providers and customers. This includes digital freight services, route optimization software, fleet management solutions, and more. These features will make it easier for businesses of all sizes to plan their transportation needs so that shipments are delivered on time at the best cost.

Additionally, AnyRoad wants to tackle larger enterprise delivery needs such as outsourcing logistic requirements for eCommerce companies or managing multiple fleets for multinational companies who need global transportation monitoring capabilities. The new funding will give them the resources they need to facilitate more sophisticated business transactions and partnerships which can provide substantial growth opportunities in current markets and move into new international markets.

AnyRoad nabs $47M

AnyRoad recently closed a series A funding round at $47M, the largest ever given to a mobility tech company. This new milestone allows the startup to continue its mission of making it easier for businesses to get around. In addition, the company plans on using this new influx of capital to further drive their innovative technology and continue offering better services.

AnyRoad sees itself becoming a one-stop shop for businesses’ transportation needs. This outlook is achieved through their three core offerings: AnyRoad Delivery, AnyRoad Services, and AnyRoad Fleet Management. In addition, companies turning towards mobility technology are presented with comprehensive solutions that provide insight into fleet efficiency and real-time analytics.

AnyRoad Delivery allows companies ranging from small businesses to large scale retailers to reach customers with greater delivery coverage and improved customer service. Using dynamic routing tools and software algorithms any business can improve their deliveries far beyond traditional GPS tracking services that can give an incomplete picture of delivery times, routes, or costs associated with each shipment.

AnyRoad Services provides transportation companies access for seamless APIs that allow instant access and booking on major ride-hailing platforms (such as Uber or Lyft) enabling them to quickly build powerful job scheduling tools into existing corporate enterprise platforms or scheduling/dispatch systems.

Finally, AnyRoad Fleet Management offers a range of analytics tracking systems such as vehicle maintenance reporting, including basic dashboard status monitoring, overuse detection and driver performance diagnostics designed to help organizations optimize safety while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards specific by geography in different locales across the nation where regulated fleets exist.

The closing of this enormous funding round has now opened up the potential for these goals become more than just potential–thanks in part to the financial backing of world-class investors such as Baidu Ventures and Goldman Sachs who have recognized not just the immediate potential but also the longer range game plan when it comes to offering better mobility technology options available worldwide from one platform in AnyRroad’s pursuit making it easier for business’s nationwide finally get around !

How Businesses Can Get Started with AnyRoad

AnyRoad’s mission is to make it easier for businesses to get around. With their recent $47 million series B round of funding, businesses will benefit from the cutting-edge technologies and optimisation tools that AnyRoad provides. As a result, any business can use AnyRoad to streamline logistic operations and reduce the time taken to deliver goods.

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Here are a few easy steps for businesses looking to get started with AnyRoad:

1. Download the AnyRoad app: The first step is downloading the app so you can start using their services. It’s available on Android and iOS devices, making it accessible for almost any business or individual looking to use the platform.

2. Pick your route: Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can choose between two main and quick routes to find the best way for your business to go from point A to point B easily and quickly.

3. Track your route: Part of what makes AnyRoad so great is that it allows businesses to track their routes in real-time to ensure that they take the most efficient path possible while delivering goods or services from one destination or venue location to another.

4. Optimise Your Operations Management: With AnyRoad, businesses can save time by optimising delivery times, managing logistics in real-time, finding alternative routes on bad traffic days or rerouting when needed due inclement weather conditions (e.g., ice roads).

By using these simple steps, any business can quickly harness all of AnyRoad’s powerful tools Optimise operations management processes while keeping costs low and customer satisfaction high — while also reducing their carbon footprints!

Closing Thoughts on AnyRoad’s Mission to Make it Easier for Businesses to Get Around

AnyRoad has been successful in its mission to make it easier for businesses to access the resources they need. The $47M investment has enabled them to accomplish this goal of creating a better, smarter transportation network for solutions.

The company offers innovative tech solutions that allow travelers to access resources like itineraries, reservations, and ticketing information in one place, making it simpler and faster for businesses to access what they need. It also provides real-time tracking capabilities that lets customers know exactly where their packages have been delivered and when they’ll reach their doorstep.

Ultimately, AnyRoad is committed to improving transportation networks and making life more convenient and efficient for businesses everywhere. With its multimillion dollar investment and cutting edge technology solutions, AnyRoad is well on its way towards delivering on this mission.

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