Metacore’s history and journey to securing Supercell’s investment

Metacore is a mobile gaming startup that creates imaginative puzzle games. Since its launch in 2018, Metacore has grown rapidly and gained great success in the global gaming industry. In February 2020, it announced that it had raised $5 million in investment from Supercell Oy, a Finnish holding company that owns several of the world’s most profitable mobile game makers. This milestone was a remarkable achievement for Metacore and marked the beginning of an important chapter for their growth and development as a gaming powerhouse.

This article will provide an overview of Metacore’s history and journey to securing Supercell’s investment, followed by an analysis of how this tremendous accomplishment will help boost their status as an innovative leader in mobile gaming. First we’ll explore Metacore’s origin story, followed by its ambitious mission to revolutionize casual gaming with imaginative puzzles and challenges. Next we’ll discuss why such high-profile investors would be interested in partnering with them — namely the potential returns they could experience from investing in the thriving mobile game market. Finally we’ll look at what comes next for Metacore as they put their newfound financial backing to use on ambitious expansions into new regions, titles, and technologies.

Metacore secures $29.6 million from Supercell as it rebrands from Everywear Games

Metacore has come a long way since it was founded in 2014 as Everywear Games. It was the Helsinki-based startup’s original mission to use data-driven insights to create lasting relationships between players and mobile game creators. The team has since pivoted to building its own popular titles, and in April 2021, the company announced it had secured a $29.6 million investment from Supercell as it rebranded to Metacore.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the history of Metacore.

Metacore’s origin story

Metacore’s story originated in 2017 with an ambitious team of five Finnish game and technology enthusiasts. The founding team sought to create a top mobile gaming company that produced unique, innovative and entertaining titles for global audiences. Metacore was launched in Helsinki and quickly grew across platforms, locations, and genres.

The team’s passion and commitment eventually scored them Supercell’s strategic investment in 2018, paving the way to becoming a leading studio globally. As Metacore grew its talent base, it acquired two existing companies (Uplause Oy in July 2018, followed by Frogmind Oy in October 2019). Acquisition’s key focus was to build on the existing experience of both companies and combine their strengths as part of Metacore’s growth strategy.

The growing success of the studio allowed them to expand even more rapidly throughout 2019 with teams located around Europe while also recruiting people internationally over the year. With over 20 game titles released across multiple stores including Apple App Store and Google Play Store around the world today – the Metacore journey continues!

Early successes

Metacore began developing mobile games in 2015. The company achieved some early successes, including releasing their flagship game Merge Magic!, but they lacked marketing and monetization expertise.

In 2018, they made a breakthrough: their game Talent Titans was chosen as one of only six finalists in Supercell’s “Grow with Google”- Accel program. This gave Metacore access to the Supercell teams and resources; allowing them to expand into other genres of games.

They quickly moved on to develop additional games such as Churning Blades and Chef Guild; each with its dedicated team that worked closely with Supercell to refine and optimize the game’s features. This eventually resulted in two more finalists for the Grow with Google Accel program, establishing a prominent presence for Metacore in the mobile gaming market.

In late 2019, Supercell announced its decision to invest in Metacore, marking a major milestone for the company. With financial support from Supercell and its invaluable network of contacts, Metacore is now well positioned to make further success in mobile gaming business.

Metacore rebranding to Everywear Games

Metacore, formerly known as Everywear Games, recently secured a $29.6 million investment from Supercell. This investment from Supercell is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the Metacore team for rebranding and achieving such a milestone.

In this section, let’s dig deeper into Metacore’s history and journey leading up to this milestone.

Challenges faced

Following Metacore’s launch, the company faced several challenges including competition from established gaming companies, limited market research capabilities and difficulty adapting to user feedback rapidly. This made it difficult for the company to deliver a product that would be competitive in a market already crowded with competitive games.

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The company also experienced difficulty expanding its customer base due to higher costs associated with developing new features for the existing product. Additionally, the team noted difficulties brought about by slow processes of testing and packaging new features as well as troubles encountered due to excessive use of third-party tools.

In May 2018, Metacore rebranded their gaming application into Everywear Games. The main focus of this rebrand was on streamlining game production cycles and optimizing development process through better user experience design along with other technological advancements. A major challenge was to launch Everywear Games without compromising Metacore’s existing user base while enticing the new users towards trying out the new game products being rolled out by Everywear Games regularly.

In November 2020, Metacore’s journey took an exciting turn when they secured a strategic investment from Supercell Oy – one of the world’s leading mobile game developers – allowing them access to invaluable resources previously not available such as valuable collaboration with Supercell’s multiple success stories within mobile gaming industry which resulted in major operating improvements and competitive edge for their products.

Refocusing the company

Metacore had to make serious changes to their business structure and development process to secure the investment from Supercell. To that end, Metacore refocused their efforts on mobile gaming with a new name and brand direction: Everywear Games.

Most notably, the team underwent an extensive business reorganization to better align with the vision of their investors. This included building a true engineering team environment where everyone’s voice was heard, reducing low-priority tasks, becoming more open and collaborative in communication, and restructuring their customer relationships.

In addition to restructuring and shifting focus, Metacore had to reconsider its core game offerings if they wanted Supercell’s endorsement. Everywear Games narrowed down their selection of titles and worked hard on making each one stand out in terms of design and originality.

Finally, Metacore took advantage of any resources available at Supercell’s disposal such as analytics data, user acquisition campaigns or technical assistance. Ultimately armed with new tools, knowledge and the motivation to keep growing sustainably; Everywear Games prospered into what it is today – a strong mobile gaming studio backed by a massive investor like Supercell.

Securing Supercell’s investment

Metacore, formerly known as Everywear Games, has grown out of Finland to become one of the most successful gaming companies in the world by securing a $29.6 million investment from Supercell. This investment will facilitate their growth as they rebrand and establish themselves as a world leader in mobile gaming.

Let’s look closer at Metacore’s history and journey that led them to this momentous occasion.

Negotiating the deal

After months of hard work, a funding deal was finally in sight due to the success of Metacore’s Global Launch. Following this huge milestone, the Metacore team set out to secure a strategic partnership with Supercell that would help propel it to greater heights.

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Negotiation did not always run smoothly and there were moments when things did not look favorable. Customized and carefully crafted business plans that placed the company’s current goals, values and objectives at its core had to be presented for Supercell to be convinced about the long-term potential of investing in Metacore.

Finally, after intense discussions and negotiation, both companies agreed on an investment package from Supercell that would provide Metacore with financial assistance as well as access to resources that could help it in further developing its services. The seed funding was seen as a win for both parties due to their mutual vision for innovation and progress in mobile gaming.

Impact of the investment

The investment from Supercell—especially considering the success rate of other ventures—was a huge validation for Metacore. It showed that Metacore had finally achieved something that not every other company in their space had been able to achieve.

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The injection of capital from Supercell has transformed the company’s operations and allowed them to significantly increase their development and production teams. The investment has also enabled Metacore to develop a stronghold in their competitive market, as well as diversify and extend their offerings across all platforms.

Furthermore, the existing takeover agreement has allowed Metacore to access new markets and create strategic partnerships with video game developers, publishers, and distributors to promote further growth. This is expected to fuel long-term success for both Metacore and Supercell. Ultimately, this could allow them even greater dominance over the mobile gaming landscape in the future.


The journey to securing Supercell’s investment in Metacore has been a successful one. Metacore’s success can be attributed to the quality of their products, the hard work of their team, and the strategic vision of their leaders. The combination of these factors allowed them to establish a strong foothold in the gaming industry, attract major investors and build a large portfolio of high-performing games.

With Supercell’s investment, Metacore is now well positioned for continued success in the gaming industry and could be a major force in defining how future generations play games. By continuing to develop creative and engaging games, there is no doubt that Metacore will remain an influential player for years to come.

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