What are some of the drawbacks of using AiDash?

AiDash is a powerful artificial intelligence (AI)-driven business forecasting and analytics solution. It helps businesses easily automate capturing, analyzing, and reporting data to achieve actionable insights. It uses machine learning algorithms such as linear and logistic regression, deep learning networks, random forests, convolutional neural networks, and evolutionary algorithms.

Although the solution is extremely useful for many industries, it also has some drawbacks which should be considered before choosing this technology. This article will discuss some of the key drawbacks associated with using AiDash.

AiDash Raises $27M in Series B Funding

AiDash is a software-as-a-service (SaaS)-based analytics platform that provides customised dashboard tools to help businesses better track their performance metrics.

In June 2020, AiDash raised $27M in Series B funding, bringing their total to $33M.

Despite the success of the company, there are a few drawbacks to using AiDash that should be considered. This section will provide an overview of AiDash and discuss some of the drawbacks of using the platform.

What is AiDash?

AiDash is a cloud-based platform designed to simplify collecting and analyzing data. The platform initially started as a data collection tool, but eventually developed specialized tools for data exploration, big data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. AiDash assists customers in mining their data for valuable insights about their customer base, market trends and operations.

The AiDash platform comprises three main components: a task editor, an interactive explorer, and an AI assistant. With the Task Editor, clients can quickly create efficient tasks without coding. The Interactive Explorer allows them to visualize summarized data in various interactive graphs. Finally, the AI Assistant helps analyze large chunks of raw customer, product or market related data using machine learning algorithms so that users can spot trends in demand or find areas where they should invest most resources.

Despite the many advantages it provides to customers—adopting AiDash isn’t without drawbacks either. The use of this service may require companies to invest extra resources into hiring personnel who are capable of understanding how to use the AiDash platform effectively which could be costly for smaller businesses with limited resources. Furthermore deploying some modules such as text analysis and natural language processing may need significant time from users due to complicated design and settings needed to work properly. Lastly there can be increased latency issues when large datasets need to be collected because AiDash primarily operates in cloud environment leading to possible decrease in performance compared to local installations.

What are some of the features and benefits of AiDash?

AiDash is an advanced analytics platform designed to help businesses gain actionable insights from their data. This revolutionary technology takes an artificial intelligence (AI) driven approach to data analysis and automation, giving organizations the analytic tools necessary to make informed decisions about their business operations.

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By leveraging state of the art algorithms, AiDash provides unparalleled capabilities for analytics, automation, and optimization that can be tailored for different industries or organizations. It enables businesses to measure complex relationships in their data, predict future trends and events, automate decision making processes and optimize performance across multiple dimensions. This gives businesses a powerful tool-set to drive increased ROI from their data assets.

The features and benefits of AiDash include:

  • Accurate analysis of massive data sets
  • Automation of decision making processes
  • Enhanced forecasting capabilities
  • Optimizing performance in multiple dimensions
  • Improved customer experience through predictive analytics
  • Rapid deployment with simple integration into existing systems

Drawbacks of AiDash

AiDash recently raised $27M in Series B Funding, confirming its popularity and growth potential. However, there are also some potential drawbacks of using AiDash.

Firstly, AiDash’s services may be too complex for small businesses. Secondly, some users have reported that their engagements with AiDash have been unreliable when managing large data sets.

In this article, we will outline the potential downsides of using AiDash and how they can be avoided.


AiDash is an artificial intelligence-based dashboard software that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs better manage customer relationships. The software aids in following up on leads, managing customer data, and automating customer service tasks. Despite its various benefits, there are a few drawbacks to using AiDash. Chief among these is the cost associated with using the software.

AiDash requires businesses to set up a subscription for use—monthly or yearly plans are available for purchase. These plans vary in cost, but all require an upfront payment before the user can use the product’s features. Additionally, more advanced features only become available after purchasing one of the higher tier plans, which cost more money. For small businesses or startups who may already be on tight budgets, this could be a significant financial burden that must be weighed against potential benefits of AiDash before signing up for an account.

Another drawback to consider when it comes to AiDash is that there is little or no customization option for its features and designs; users need to adjust their processes and practices accordingly to fit within what’s offered by AiDash. This can make it challenging for business owners who have established specific procedures they want to stick with regarding customer relationship management (CRM). Additionally, while AI dashboard software is designed primarily with business users in mind, there can still be a learning curve associated with utilizing the product – so users may have to spend time getting used a particular feature before they can comfortably utilize it.

Limited Integration

AiDash is a suite of AI-enabled tools designed to help businesses optimize their customer experience by automating manual tasks. While this can be a great way to streamline processes and improve efficiency, it does come with certain drawbacks that businesses need to carefully consider. One of the main drawbacks associated with AiDash is its limited integration capabilities.

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For a business to use AiDash’s tools on a wider scale, it must have the right software and platform integration setup. This means that businesses should ensure they are well equipped before they take the plunge into using AiDash. Furthermore, some business models may find the customization options lacking compared to more expensive solutions. It’s important to research all your options before making a final decision as one size may not fit all regarding AI technology solutions.

Lastly, there have been reports of bugs impacting user interactions and creating slowdowns or crashes as well as issues regarding security validation when working with sensitive data cases that require extra authentication protocol steps over AiDash’s standard process measures which has confused users who rely on specific security measures for their data sets. A clear roadmap from AiDash would help customers understand these risks better before any implementation decisions being made by each customer in question.

Lack of Customization

AiDash is a powerful platform designed to help businesses streamline their processes and fuel growth. But in some instances, companies might find that their ability to customize their performance data or tailored reporting may be hindered by a “one-size-fits-all” approach to dashboard configurations.

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Although AiDash includes a wide range of dashboards, the customization process for obtaining specific data points can be challenging and require some technical proficiency from the user. Additionally, users must be able to properly interpret the charts and other visualizations generated to get the most out of it.

Furthermore, changes made within AiDash are not always visible until an update is pushed out, which could take time depending on when these updates occur.


Overall, AiDash is a great product that solves many time-consuming challenges in tracking, analyzing, and presenting data. However, due to its cost and need for technical expertise to implement, it may not be suitable for all businesses. Additionally, the decision-making capabilities of AiDash are still limited compared to human intelligence.

It is also important to remember that any implementation of artificial intelligence comes with risks such as a lack of transparency related to the decision-making process and potential bias from using data. Finally, it is wise to thoroughly evaluate any AI solutions before investing in them due to ongoing updates and changes in the field. Despite its drawbacks, AiDash provides an effective solution for businesses struggling with their data management needs.

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