What Supercell’s investment in Metacore means for the future of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has been a rapidly growing industry over the past few years. With the rise of smartphone technology, more and more people are engaging in various forms of mobile gaming. These gamers have increasingly high expectations for quality gaming experiences on their devices. Recently, Supercell, a major publisher of mobile games, invested Metacore, a mobile game development studio. In this article we will discuss what this means for the future of mobile gaming and why this could be a big move for both Supercell and Metacore.

First off, Supercell’s investment in Metacore signals that they are serious about providing their users with unique and engaging experiences through their games. This move not only creates the potential to improve existing games developed by Supercell but also opens up new possibilities for Metacore to create exciting titles that have yet to exist in the market. Additionally, with help from Supercell’s resources and professional expertise from its teams both companies are expected to gain even more success in the rapidly evolving landscape of mobile gaming.

Another aspect of this investment is its implications on other developers within the industry. By investing in an independent game developer such as Metacore it communicates that there is potential for innovation beyond what established studios have produced thus far. Furthermore, this sends out subtle messages to other independent developers that shows them how they could use resources from larger companies like Supercell while still maintaining independence through developing unique titles clearly outside established norms within the mobile gaming market which could benefit both parties if successful.

Metacore receives $180 million investment from Supercell

Metacore, an up and coming mobile gaming platform, recently received a massive $180 million investment from Supercell, one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world. This major investment was a sign of confidence in Metacore’s potential, and has sparked interest in the mobile gaming industry.

In this article, we will review Metacore in more detail and analyze what this investment means for the future of mobile gaming.

Metacore’s mission and vision

Metacore, an emerging mobile gaming powerhouse, is the newest addition to Supercell’s gaming portfolio. The team behind Metacore strives to revolutionize the mobile gaming industry through innovation and dedication.

At Metacore, their mission is clear: to bring innovation and new levels of quality to mobile gamers worldwide. By leveraging their deep understanding of the platform and its users, Metacore offers RPG-, arcade-, sports-style- and lifestyle games with engaging narratives and hypercasual titles that are easy for anyone to play.

Similarly, their vision is loud and clear: To develop meaningful experiences reflective of societies’ ever-evolving needs – making modern lives more exciting with new forms of entertainment. They seek to inspire a culture of collaboration which nurtures creativity and leads the way towards enhanced dynamics in gaming culture at large.

By joining forces with Supercell, the mettle behind Metacore stands strong in creating competitive products within digital entertainment while fully preserving player trust and continuous engagement with their product ecosystems. This means that players can look forward to access beyond reach playing experiences crafted inclusive communities at play!

Metacore’s current products

Metacore, a Helsinki-based game studio founded by former Supercell’s CMO and CEO Ilkka Paananen, is leveraging the popularity of its past hit games — Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars — to form the foundation of its next generation mobile gaming platform. Metacore’s main focus is solving three core mobile gaming problems: developing innovative gameplay experiences; exploring new monetization strategies; and connecting with its audience through data-driven marketing tactics.

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Metacore’s current products include Project Battle, an online battle royale game; Big Business Dream Cabinet, a business simulation game; and Kalevala Kasino Slots, an immersive slot machine adventure. In addition to developing games for their platform, Metacore also offers development services to other studios looking to make the mobile gaming transition. This includes Metacore SDKs and cloud back-end platforms that facilitate real-time communication between players within games. They also offer a variety of data platforms that enable developers to gain access to analytics about their player base.

Supercell’s Investment

Supercell recently announced an investment of $180 million in mobile game developer Metacore. This investment is the largest ever made in a mobile gaming company and has the potential to revolutionize the way mobile games are created and played.

This article will discuss the significance of this investment for the future of mobile gaming.

What Supercell’s investment means

Supercell’s US$55 million investment in mobile game studio Metacore raises several interesting questions about their futures. It will be interesting to see how this partnership will affect the mobile gaming industry, as the two companies have separate strengths that they could use to complement each other.

Metacore strongly focuses on creating original, IP-based experiences on engagement and monetization. At the same time, Supercell is considered one of the best in the business at delivering opportunities around live operations and new ways of influencing player habits. With this partnership—and Supercell’s wide-ranging expertise in monetizing games and building intellectual property—there could be a shift in the power balance in mobile gaming from classic genres like strategy into more immersive entertainment experiences.

Through this venture, Supercell and Metacore have formed not just an investment agreement but a collaboration across game development, marketing and product innovation. This type of cooperation offers both companies access to deeper resources for development initiatives, meaning we could expect to see even more products from them than ever before. As well as providing Growth Marketing insights for many aspects such as promotions and virality design, Supercell will also help with product planing at Metacore – focusing on metrics-driven optimizations such as retention engineering or A/B testing new features.

There is no doubt that both companies are looking forward to seeing what comes out of this venture. They are counting on high user engagement at launch with exciting content down the road throughout their collaboration with each other’s portfolio of games taking even further leaps forward than ever before.

What this could mean for the future of mobile gaming

The future of mobile gaming looks to be an evolving one with Supercell’s investment in Metacore. Metacore is a Helsinki-based game studio known for creating hit games such as Battlelands Royale and Cardinal Quest 2. The news of Supercells $10 million investment has generated much speculation as to what it could mean for the future of mobile gaming.

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Supercell’s plans are unclear at this point. Still, there have been some speculations that the investment could lead to a closer cooperation between the two companies, with developing new co-branded titles or extending their technology into other areas beyond games. Other ideas include collaborations and joint projects that could bring Supercell’s popular titles more widely available within the mobile gaming market, as well as more diversified and engaging gameplay experiences.

There is no doubt that whatever comes out of this partnership between Supercell and Metacore will significantly shape how we play, think and interact with electronic games on our mobile devices in the future, similarly to how existing innovations from both companies have already changed how we play today.

Impact on the Mobile Gaming Industry

The recent news of Metacore receiving a $180 million investment from Supercell has been welcomed with great enthusiasm by the mobile gaming industry. This investment is a huge milestone for the industry, and could have some far-reaching implications for the future of mobile gaming.

In this article, we will explore what this investment could mean for the mobile gaming industry.

What Supercell’s investment could mean for the industry

Supercell’s recent investment of $55 million in mobile gaming startup Metacore marks a huge push into the mobile gaming industry. This move may indicate that the industry’s future is focused on mobile, potentially seeing larger companies invest more in mobile games.

This type of investment by Supercell, a major player in the gaming industry, has major implications for the future of mobile gaming and gaming. It could mean that companies are increasing their focus on developing and investing in content for mobile devices over other platforms, such as computers and consoles. Additionally, this could drive competition among the various developers and publishers, leading to more innovative and engaging projects targeting mobile gamers.

More investors may start to take notice of this sector due to Supercell’s immense success with titles like ‘Clash of Clans’, ‘HayDay’, and ‘Boom Beach’ amongst others who continue to perform well even with an increasingly competitive market. It may also mean an increase in funding for creative independent developers looking to make an impact on these devices since traditional console developers can often be burdened with deadlines imposed by their publishers.

Supercell’s investment into Metacore may signal another shift within the gaming industry as it moves away from its dependence on PCs or consoles as primary entertainment systems towards mobile devices; perhaps bringing about a truly disruptive era for gamers worldwide. As such it will be interesting to see how this investment plays out in the long-term future of both Supercell and other established players within the space alike.

Potential implications for other mobile gaming companies

The investment and deep relationship between Supercell and MetaCore have the potential to have tremendous implications for not just the two companies but also the broader mobile gaming industry. Most significantly, Supercell and MetaCore have in-depth resources, technology, creativity, and intellectual capital which could become a valuable asset to other mobile game makers.

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The joint effort between Supercell and MetaCore could set a new standard of success for mobile gaming. By combining their respective strengths in game design, monetization strategies, technology development and more – all of which have become invaluable skills for staying competitive in the industry – they can help all stakeholders take better advantage of opportunities, create more attractive products that can reach wider audiences at a lower cost.

Moreover, the partnership will open up some interesting opportunities around collaborative product development using meta-game elements such as microtransactions or user-generated content. This could shift incentives away from traditional development models by allowing developers to get in on a particular project early without paying large upfront costs or being locked into long-term agreements. This could lead to more flexible transitions from concept stage to launch stage with lower costs as well as open up new markets for indie developers who are unable to fund large projects alone or require expensive customizations for their games. Furthermore, it will be interesting to see what other types of strategic partnerships could be developed by other Android/iOS publishers looking to take advantage of similar resources and insights available through this partnership between Supercell and MetaCore.


The investment from Supercell in Metacore means that the mobile gaming industry is taking collaboration between companies and working with startups very seriously. Supercell is showing that it is possible to invest in a new company to help it reach a successful outcome, while also benefitting from the developments created. This is a great opportunity for both Metacore and the mobile gaming industry.

Metacore will be able to bring new ideas, technologies and gameplay experiences to the market which can help attract new users and keep existing players engaged in fresh content. Supercell will be able to collaborate more directly with Metacore on game development and gain access to technology expertise at an early stage of development. This could give both companies an edge over their competitors in the fast-moving mobile gaming space.

Supercell and Metacore have great potential for success due to their collaboration and strategic investments in each other’s products, services, and technologies. What remains to be seen is if this partnership will have an impactful effect on mobile gaming as well as Supercell’s other projects, that may create even more opportunities for them both down the road.

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