What the future holds for Metacore with Supercell’s backing

Metacore, the maker of the smash hit mobile game, Gardenscapes has recently moved into a different strategic direction with backing from Supercell. Supercell is one of the biggest mobile gaming developers in the world and a leader in free-to-play mobile game development. This new partnership brings many possibilities for Metacore – what will the future hold for them?

In this article, we will explore some potential scenarios for Metacore’s success under Supercell’s auspices and dive into how this could shape the landscape of mobile gaming. We will also examine how Metacore could benefit from Supercell’s considerable resources, network and expertise in today’s rapidly evolving competitive environment. Finally we will consider what this partnership means for gamers and other developers now and in the future.

Supercell likes Metacore’s games so much it just gave it another $180M credit line

Supercell’s investment of $180 million into the mobile gaming startup Metacore has sent shockwaves throughout the gaming industry. The gaming giant has made it clear that they think Metacore has what it takes to be a success and they expect to see returns on their investment.

With this backing, Metacore is in an enviable position and it will be interesting to see what the future holds for them in the months and years to come.

Overview of Supercell’s investment

Supercell, the Finnish video game developer and publisher, announced its most recent investment in Metacore – a mobile game studio based in Helsinki. Supercell stated the details of their investment in the company which aims to create evergreen mobile games.

The long-term partnership will see Supercell provide capital, global publishing and leveraging business resources to help growing Metacore’s development until its global launch. This strategic partnership marks an important step forward for both companies as they focus on accelerating content production while investing in own IP creation.

Supercell have had tremendous success over the last few years, having released hit titles such as Clash of Clans, Hay Day and Brawl Stars for mobile platforms. Since joining forces with Supercell in 2018, Metacore has grown from a small team to more than 30 people who are passionate about creating much-loved mobile games. The company’s core values are all about “building games that will bring joy to people around the world” which is consistent with Supercell’s ethos of providing quality entertainment experiences on devices we use daily.

With this extra cushion of support from one of gaming’s leading companies, Metacore can now look forward to further expanding their current offerings while looking into new ways to innovate within the industry. This joint effort between both leading companies is sure to produce something extraordinary in days ahead and make waves across multiple markets worldwide!

What does the investment mean for Metacore?

The recent investment of $10 million by Supercell in San Francisco-based Metacore, brings many opportunities for the casual gaming giant. This is an exciting development for the mobile gaming industry, which has seen historic success over the last few years.

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Supercell’s strategic investment will strengthen the game development process of Metacore and provide additional resources to help increase user engagement and player retention. This partnership also creates potential to expand their presence in other markets.

The financial backing also provides additional support services and resources allowing Metacore to focus on delivering more features and create games with innovative gameplay experiences and even better quality graphics than ever before. Additionally, this partnership could offer more activities such as tournaments, virtual goods trading, or even competitive esports leagues.

This strategic partnership ultimately gives Supercell a greater insight into Metacore’s business strategies and help shape both companies into future success stories.

What the Future Holds

Metacore has seen a massive boost in its fortunes after securing a $180M credit line from Supercell, an industry giant. The mobile game developer has seen its games skyrocket in popularity and its revenue numbers show no signs of slowing down.

But what does this mean for the future of Metacore? What can it expect now that it has the backing of a major industry player? Let’s look at the potential implications of this investment on Metacore’s future.

Expansion of Metacore’s Games

Metacore’s goal is to become the world’s leading mobile gaming company, and with Supercell’s backing this goal is closer than ever. Plans are underway to expand the popular puzzle game Metacore, currently available in over 150 countries and regions, into more markets. The team at Metacore is also working on several new titles to add to their impressive library of top quality mobile games.

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One of the primary methods of achieving growth in their presence around the world will be continue to focus on creating fun and engaging gameplay experiences across a variety of platforms including mobile, desktop and console platforms. As well as expanding into new gaming markets, Metacore will begin investing in eSports tournaments beginning this year with further competitions planned for 2020. This will give players from all levels an opportunity to compete for prizes on a much larger stage– one that can attract international attention from players and sponsors alike.

Finally, developing partnerships with other top companies in the industry and careful strategies for marketing their games will help boost Metacore’s reach while maintaining a sense of originality that sets them apart from competitors. With these ambitious plans, Metacore stands ready to take its place as one of the world’s most innovative gaming firms with Supercell at its side.

Increased Advertising and Marketing

With Supercell as a major backer of Metacore, there is a great potential for increased advertising and marketing campaigns to reach an even wider audience. From traditional advertising through print and broadcast media, to targeted ads on social media, the power of Supercell behind Metacore can put their games in front of more people than ever.

In addition to ads in traditional media, Metacore will also be able to leverage their relationship with Supercell for creative marketing tactics like influencer campaigns and experiential events. The company can take advantage of the fact that Supercell’s strong brand is already well-recognized and respected to create powerful visuals that capture players’ attention and foster brand loyalty.

Finally, with the new injection of capital from Supercell, Metacore can ramp up its market research capabilities. This will allow them to better understand players’ game behavior — what they look for in a game experience and how they interact with the titles they enjoy — which will help them craft an even better gaming experience for their customers.

New Opportunities

Metacore, the indie game studio widely known for its runaway hit game ‘Tangle Tower’, recently announced a strategic partnership with esteemed video game publisher Supercell. This new deal brings many exciting opportunities for Metacore and promises to bring innovating gameplay experiences to its fans.

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The collaborative effort between Metacore and Supercell is already beginning to bear fruit. The first innovation of this partnership will be a new category of games specific for mobile platforms, known as ‘Tap Sumo’. As the name implies, the core gameplay will focus on quick reaction and strategical timing – all within a few seconds reaction time window. It looks to be an entirely different experience from traditional free-to-play titles on mobile devices.

The partnership also allows Metacore to tap into Supercell’s extensive resources in game development and together they can explore more possibilities that they could not do individually. For example, Metacore has access to Supercell’s expertise in retained analytics which allows them track user activity data more accurately than ever before. With such data, they can create compelling retention strategies and deliver even better in-game experiences for their users down the road.

Through this collaboration with Supercell, Metcore is poised for greater success in the gaming industry than ever before. A whole new world of exciting opportunities awaits them as this innovative partnership further evolves.


Overall, the future looks bright for Metacore. With Supercell as its major shareholder, the mobile game software provider will have sufficient financial power and access to top talent to expand its market share further and make it a major player in the mobile gaming space.

Supercell’s expertise in game design and publishing will assist Metacore to create even better user experiences. The large customer base of Supercell also provides an ideal platform for Metacore to advertise its products. Through partnerships such as those with partners like King, Zynga and Scopely, Metacore can establish itself as a strong force globally in the mobile game industry.

With all these factors in play, we expect Metacore’s expansion into international markets to succeed. As long as it continues to deliver innovative games and services, there is no doubt that it has a bright future ahead.

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