What types of things can you pay for with Twig?

Twig is a payment method that enables users to purchase goods and services using things they own, such as jewelry or antiques. Founded in 2016, Twig has recently secured a $35M investment that will help them expand their services.

In this article, we are going to analyze Twig and discuss the types of things that you can pay for with Twig.

Twig takes $35M to turn stuff you own into a way to pay

Twig is an online payment system from the United Kingdom that enables consumers to pay for services and products instantly. It works by allowing users to connect their credit or debit card with the Twig app or website, enabling them to make fast payments without the need for cash. With Twig, you can securely complete transactions and make payments quickly and safely.

The range of products and services that can be purchased with Twig is constantly expanding. It includes utilities, groceries, streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, travel expenses, e-commerce purchases, rent and many more. The great thing about using Twig is that you gain control over your debts when making payments on time as your bills are all paid instantly which helps avoid interest charges down the line.

Whatever your needs may be, Twig has you covered with its secure payment platform capable of settling any type of bill at any time.

How does Twig work?

Twig is a mobile payment app that helps users to pay quickly and easily with their smartphones. The app lets users securely connect their banking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, or even prepaid cards to their smartphone. It also provides users with an intuitive dashboard to track and manage their payments in one place.

To use Twig, you simply create an account and add your banking information — your bank account number and routing number — and your payment data (your credit or debit card details). You will then be able to transact securely using any device that supports the Twig technology stack.

Twig supports both point-of-sale transactions in stores as well as online payments with merchants. Furthermore, it allows users to send money to other Twig users without charge — meaning you can save on regular transactions by skipping the use of cash or checks.

Types of Payments

Twig is a payment platform that allows users to turn the things they own into a way to pay. It recently completed a Series A funding round of $35M.

Through Twig, users can pay for a wide array of products and services with just a few clicks.

This section will focus on the types of payments that can be made with Twig.

Online Purchases

Twig is a modern payment solution that makes it easier to make and manage payments. With Twig, you can quickly and securely pay for items online. From retail goods to digital downloads, the Twig platform allows you to purchase what you need with just a few clicks.

Twig lets customers pay with credit or debit card information, providing a secure and convenient payment method. Aside from standard credit cards, customers can securely link their PayPal account and other payment services to their Twig account. Customers can even store multiple payment methods on file allowing them to switch between them during checkout.

In addition, Twig enables prepaid cards for those who would rather not use cash or other financial instruments when purchasing online goods or services. Gift cards are also accepted by most merchants that accept the Twig payment system, including many of the most popular retailers available.

Twig is an excellent option for customers who want more security when shopping online and easy access to their payment history in one convenient location. With its fast and secure system, anyone can shop online from virtually anywhere in the world without worrying about changing currencies or waiting days for orders to arrive using cash-on-delivery services.

In-store Purchases

For in-store purchases, you can use Twig to pay for goods and services at any store that accepts Mastercard. With the Twig app, you’ll have the peace of mind knowing where your money is going and that it’s secure. You can also easily add multiple cards and quickly switch between them.

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Additionally, with the ability to set budget amounts for certain categories, you have greater control over where your money goes. So whether you’re purchasing food from your local grocery store or buying a new item from your favorite retailer, Twig makes paying in store easier and more secure than ever before.

Bill Payments

Twig makes it easy and convenient to pay your bills. Whether paying a cell phone or an electric bill, Twig can help you manage your monthly payments.

With Twig, you can pay your bills online or in the app wherever and whenever is most convenient. The payment process is secure and quick – in many cases, payments are processed within minutes of submission.

Plus, if you have multiple bills to pay each month, Twig’s recurring payment feature can help make sure that all of your orders are paid on time. With Twig, paying bills becomes simpler and much more organized!

International Payments

Twig provides users with the ability to make international payments. With Twig, you can easily send and receive money between countries. Through Twig, you can pay for services and goods both domestically and internationally in more than 130 currencies. International payments are available to countries around the world, including currencies such as the US dollar (USD), British pound (GBP), Euro (EUR), Indian rupee (INR) etc.

Twig supports real-time currency exchange rates so you can view them before making a payment―so you won’t have to worry that your money has already lost value by the time it reaches its destination. Additionally, Twig ensures that when a customer pays in their chosen currency, it will arrive at its destination without any extra costs for conversion fees or charges due to exchange rate differences. The rate set by Twig at the time of payment will remain fixed until the customer’s payment is received―making it extremely cost-effective for customers when sending money abroad.

Benefits of Twig

Twig, a fintech company, has developed a new way to turn your stuff into a payment method. The platform allows users to pay for things with their valuable belongings and money. It has recently raised $35M to fuel this revolutionary concept.

Let’s learn more about the different ways Twig can be beneficial.


One of the greatest benefits of Twig is that it offers a secure way to make payments. The system is built on proprietary APIs and spread across multiple data centers, ensuring the utmost protection against fraud.

Twig also encrypts all card information using 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption technology, as well as two-factor authentication for added security. In addition, all payments are processed through PCI-compliant payment gateways (Secure Trading, Stripe and Worldpay).

Furthermore, Twig is registered with several leading regulatory bodies to ensure the highest level of security when conducting business online. This includes being registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), which confirms the company’s commitment to data privacy and security.


Twig is a versatile and convenient payment service that allows you to make secure payments with your mobile device. Whether at home or on the go, Twig makes online payments easy and fast. With this payment solution, you can pay for anything from movie tickets to restaurant meals, and even transfer funds to friends or family members. Twig offers shoppers an undeniable level of convenience with features such as time-saving options for purchases like selecting ‘one-click’ checkout and account balances that update in real time. You simply need to link your credit card or bank account to Twig to take advantage of the convenience it offers for both potential customers and businesses alike.

Twig also simplifies making payments by allowing users access to their recently used cards so they don’t have to search through every card in their wallet to quickly pay for an item. This bonus can be appreciated by those who must juggle multiple cards at once when shopping or running errands.

Overall, Twig is a great choice if you want a hassle-free way of paying your bills on the go with just one click. With its many benefits such as security, speed, convenience, and reliability, it’s no wonder why many people choose Twig as their preferred payment service provider!

Low Fees

One of the major benefits of using Twig is that you rarely pay any fees when paying or withdrawing funds. The associated costs with transaction fees are completely transparent and set out in advance. The cost is also typically lower than other payment providers, giving you access to your balance quickly and easily.

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Unlike some other online payment services that charge an annual or monthly fee, Twig does not charge a subscription fee or similar charges for its services. You can use Twig to send money and make payments all year long without worrying about any additional fees, which can help to keep costs down.

In addition to the benefits of low fees when using Twig, other advantages can be significant when managing your finances easier and more efficiently. These include access to real-time payment notifications, streamlined data management processes for business users, and secure instant payments through an all-in-one platform.

If you’re looking for a online payment service that will provide cost savings while maintaining high levels of security and efficiency then look no further than Twig!

How to Get Started with Twig

Twig is a revolutionary new payment system that allows you to use items you own as currency to purchase goods and services.

With Twig, you can easily turn your existing belongings into a way to pay. The service is backed by a $35 million investment, so there’s never been a better time to start with Twig.

Let’s dive into how you can use Twig to make payments.

Sign up for a Twig account

Signing up for a Twig account is simple, secure and easy. To create a Twig account, all you need to do is provide your email address and create an encryption key. This encryption key will securely store your information on Twig’s servers. Once you have signed up for an account and created an encryption key, you can use Twig.

Twig can be used to pay your bills, transfer money, purchase items online and more. With Twig’s fast payment process, you can pay bills quickly with just a few clicks of the mouse – no extra fees or waiting periods required. You also can purchase items online – such as gift cards or airline tickets – at the same time as making payments. At any time during the payment process on a merchant site that accepts payments by Twig, there will be an option to ‘Pay with Twig’ when selecting your payment.

Twig also enables users to transfer money instantly within their peer networks without any charges or fees applied to either person in the transaction network. Sending payments from one user account directly into another user’s bank account is especially convenient for those who want to exchange funds faster than conventional methods allow.

And with integrations from dozens of platforms such as Apple Pay and Stripe, customers can enjoy access from anywhere on all devices connected with their Twig profile.

Link your bank account

Setting up a Twig account is quick and easy. All you need to get started is your bank account information and email address. Linking your bank account will enable you to securely make payments with Twig.

To link a bank account on the Twig app:

1. Open the app on your device, and select ‘Link Accounts’ from the main menu.

2. Select ‘Link Bank Account’ then follow the simple prompts to enter in your bank information securely.

3. Once completed, you will be asked to verify that you have authorized the transaction by validating an authorization code sent to the email address associated with your bank account.

4. After verifying that code, your bank account will be successfully linked to Twig and you can conveniently pay for items whenever needed without ever having to worry about entering in sensitive payment information again!

Add items to your Twig wallet

To start with Twig, you’ll first need to add items to your Twig wallet. This can be done through the app, online, or in person at an authorized retailer. To add items to your wallet online or in-app, simply select the payment method you wish to use and enter your payment details.

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Twig offers a range of payments options that include Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards, as well as debit cards linked to any major bank in Thailand. You can also pay via your PayPal or LinePay app and link those accounts to your Twig wallet for future top-ups. Once payment has been completed and verified the funds will be loaded into your Twig wallet ready for you to start spending!

Twig can be used for online payments and shopping at physical stores throughout Thailand. With over 100 merchants accepting it nationwide — including convenience stores, supermarkets, cinemas/theaters, gas stations and restaurants — there’s plenty of places where you can use it. And because it’s a mobile wallet app and enables instant payments without needing cash or cards, keeping track of all your spending is easy!


Twig, a mobile payments app, has recently announced that they have successfully raised $35 million to turn belongings that people own into a way to pay. This means that users can now pay for things like rent, groceries, bills, and more, with the help of Twig.

In this article, we will look at all the various types of things people can now pay for with Twig.

Twig is a great way to pay for things with the stuff you own

Twig is the easiest way to turn your everyday items into the money you need for the things you want. Whether it’s a phone, laptop, gaming console or a designer handbag, Twig lets you use the stuff you already own to pay for almost anything.

When you use Twig, your item acts as collateral so you don’t have to take out loans or apply for credit cards. All required is that your item meets Twig’s eligibility requirements and will be accepted. You can use Twig to purchase anything from groceries to flights, home repairs and more – all without getting into debt.

Twig offers two payment plans: Standard repayments allow borrowers to pay back their balance in five repayment instalments over six months; while Flexible Day-to-Day payments enable borrowers to spread their payments out over up to one year with smaller weekly or fortnightly repayments. With both plans, borrowers benefit from secure tracking technology that helps protect their items and affordable interest rates on additional charges should they miss repayment dates.

Whether for everyday needs or bigger projects, Twig provides a fast, secure way for consumers and businesses to access money with their items instead of taking on debt.

Twig offers a secure and convenient way to make payments with low fees

Twig goes beyond traditional online payments, offering a secure and convenient way to make payments with low fees. Twig can be used to pay for goods and services from a wide range of businesses, such as:

  • Online stores (including Amazon, eBay and Etsy)
  • Apps and digital downloads (such as music books, movies, video games and television shows)
  • Education institutions
  • Utility companies
  • Medical providers
  • Transportation services (such as rideshare services or cab fares)

Additionally, Twig can also be used to purchase gift cards from select retailers. Furthermore, users have the option of depositing money directly into their bank account or withdrawing funds via an ATM. In short, Twig is a simple payment platform with comprehensive functionality – giving customers flexibility when completing transactions safely and securely.

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