You Have Decided to Buy World of Warcraft Gold – Where to Look to Avoid Being Scammed

When you start actively playing World of Warcraft and doing quests, you will gradually begin to notice the true role of gold in shaping the success of your character. The larger the supply of gold coins, the more often you can afford better equipment and weapons that will help you complete quests faster, kill representatives of enemy factions and farm the most difficult and dangerous raids of all levels, up to Mythic +. There are several ways to get gold, and the most common of them are quests and killing monsters. We do not take professions into account at the initial stages, since you have to go a long way from a beginner to a master in order to craft really valuable and expensive equipment. Gold is obtained so slowly and painstakingly that many players begin to look for ways to get it in another way. One of the best options to buy WoW gold is to trust one of the player services.



Skycoach is a service that helps players improve their gaming experience and at the same time order a gold delivery service from time-tested suppliers. The main advantages of Skycoach:

  • The process of selling game gold is illegal in terms of game rules, so Skycoach carefully masks all interactions between the supplier and the client so as not to impose sanctions on the buyer.
  • Gold comes with absolute accuracy, no rounding or deductions. The buyer receives gold coins to the penny.
  • The service can provide not only gold, but also a wide range of items and equipment and everything that can be transferred from player to player.
  • The possibility of buying gold and any item even if your server is not in the list available for ordering on the Skycoach website – managers will do everything to establish contact with potential sellers, check them for honesty and decency and organize the transfer process.
  • Skycoach withholds all items and gold from its suppliers for several days – this is necessary in order to confirm the legality of the gold mining method and wait out the time for a potential withdrawal of items and coins by the game administration and not incur risks on their customers.

In Game Delivery

Ignore the rather outdated site, In Game Delivery is a service that provides players with gold from World of Warcraft. The project was created by enthusiastic friends who constantly saved up game gold and looked for ways to sell it to other players. Over time, the service has grown to supply not only gold reserves, but also most types of equipment, and now reads a large fan base. In Game Delivery has quite loyal prices.


G2g is not exactly a service, but rather a marketplace. The marketplace allows players to register on a special website and sell goods and gold directly to interested players, paying a commission to the marketplace from the transaction amount for providing a client. This means that you can buy various World of Warcraft items and gold directly from the players and not overpay the service fee, but at the same time, no one guarantees the legality of the extracted resources and that they will not be seized by the game administration in case of litigation. Since the marketplace can only ban a player who violates the community rules, and not hold him accountable, you must understand the full degree of risk and carefully monitor each stage of the exchange in order to avoid cheating and theft by another player.


iGVault is one of the oldest services that provides services for the sale of gold and game equipment in the World of Warcraft. The service was founded in 2006 as one of the variations for in-game purchases for real money. From iGVault you can buy gold and equipment, weapons and jewelry. Like most services, iGVault cannot guarantee absolute security in the transfer of purchased items and resources if you are not careful.



Each player himself weighs all the risks when interacting with services and marketplaces in order to buy weapons, armor, rare animals, jewelry, gold and everything that can be transferred between two players. We recommend paying more attention to the Skycoach service due to a number of objective reasons. Firstly, the service guarantees a refund if the player starts having problems with the game administration. Skycoach uses several mechanics to mask all gold and item trades. The service is confident in its services and the level of security, so it is ready to compensate for the few cases of player oversights, or especially close control by the administration. Secondly, Skycoach provides players not only with the sale of gold, but also with items, as well as assistance in leveling, learning the game under the guidance of a professional Skycoach trainer and ensuring that they complete raids as part of a battle group with a guarantee of passing and transferring all experience and drops to the client. The third and most important reason is speed and accuracy. It will take no more than 5 minutes before the manager’s response, and the service will be performed with real-time monitoring on the site. The stages of the transaction will change, and the player will be ready to respond in order to complete the procedure as soon as possible in order to continue the game path, redeem the desired lot for the purchased gold. Remember to keep your account and character safe. Do not draw attention to the transaction procedure of outsiders, always leave items in response to the transferred gold for the plausibility of the exchange and change the password after pumping services – Skycoach guarantees the safety of personal data, but the player himself is responsible for incidents that may occur the next day or later.