Personio Raises $200M in Second Series E

Personio, a Germany-based HR software firm, announced it had raised $200M in its second Series E funding round. The funding, led by Insight Partners, will enable the firm to expand its operations and implement its vision for a unified HR platform.

This is the largest funding round for a German software company and a testament to Personio’s commitment to revolutionizing HR systems.

Overview of Personio

Personio is a fast-growing Human Resource software company founded in 2015 that develops comprehensive HR software solutions to small and midsize companies across Europe. It offers an integrated suite of modern cloud-based Human Resources functionality, such as Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), HR Management, Recruiting, Employee Management and Time Tracking System. Personio helps organizations manage their entire HR processes more effectively and efficiently with a single cloud-based platform.

The company’s mission is to create an HR experience that simplifies and improves the quality of life for both employers and employees. Personio is designed for companies that want to scale properly across borders. It has offices in Munich, Berlin and London providing personalized customer service to companies throughout Europe.

Personio recently closed its second Series E investment round, earning $200 million from investors such as Accel, Index Ventures and Creandum. This significant funding will help the company continue building its market presence throughout Europe by releasing new product features including its innovate onboarding toolkit process which ensures employee onboarding experience is efficient and welcoming from Day One. The development of this round will also help the company expand into new markets like Spain and Scandinavia while simultaneously offering additional services such as local language support and dedicated customer success teams to ensure customers receive support they need anywhere they locate in Europe.

Summary of the news

Personio, one of Europe’s fastest-growing HR software companies, has announced a $200 million Series E funding round. The round was led by Lead Edge Capital and Tiger Global Management and included new investors Primary Venture Partners, Endeavor Catalyst, and Rocket Internet’s Global Founders Capital. Current investors Accel, Baytech VC, Highland Europe and Insight Partners also participated in the round.

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The funding brings the total that Personio has raised to $403 million and values the company at over $2 billion. This makes Personio one of the few European technology companies to reach a valuation of at least $2 billion before their IPO.

The new funding will help Personio expand its offering of end-to-end HR services for large businesses across Europe, as well as helping them accelerate product development across their expanding cloud platform. It will also enable them to expand beyond Europe into other markets such as North America, Africa and Asia – something they have long been working towards.

What Personio Does

Personio is a Human Resources Software company specializing in helping companies of all sizes digitally manage their HR processes. With a massive $200M Series E funding, Personio is set to expand and drive forward its vision of providing a comprehensive HR software.

In this article, we will look into what Personio does, and how it can help businesses.

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Overview of Personio’s HR software

Personio is a leading human resource (HR) management and recruitment software provider. Founded in 2015, the company has quickly become one of the most trusted HR solutions for millions of companies worldwide. Based in Munich, Germany, Personio provides an all-in-one software solution to help small to mid-sized businesses streamline their HR processes and save time with automated recruiting and onboarding.

Personio offers a comprehensive suite of HR tools including employee onboarding, payroll, attendance and leave tracking, recruitment support, data management and analytics—all accessible from one central platform. With its modern and intuitive user interface design, Personio enables businesses to easily manage their talent across one or multiple locations. Additionally, the company’s workflow automation features enable even small teams to become more productive by creating standardised processes such as entering employee data or managing benefit requests.

Personio also offers an array of customisable services designed specifically for each customer’s needs—including custom integrations to external systems and specialised team training techniques. Additionally, Personio offers integrated insights such as performance reviews or surveys that enable managers to make better decisions through actionable metrics that inform their team’s growth.

How Personio’s software is helping companies

Personio is a human resource and hiring software platform that helps companies streamline their administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on the people they hire. In addition, the software offers features such as applicant tracking and employee onboarding, enabling HR teams to hire faster and more efficiently.

In addition, Personio allows businesses to easily measure their performance through its analytics tool – providing accurate data for key HR metrics such as time-to-hire, quality of hire and diversity.

The software also provides an internal communication hub that helps automate employee engagement from recruitment to retirement. In addition, this cloud-based system enables HR personnel to store documents and manage employee records in one central location. With powerful automation tools, employers can automate product tours, onboarding tasks, surveys and document signatures – ensuring compliance with labor laws across countries.

Personio’s software is also integrated with payroll solutions providers like ADP and Square Payroll so businesses have a unified view of all employee data in one place. By simplifying the complexity of managing people operations such as hiring new staff, managing payrolls or onboarding processes – Personio’s platform caters to the needs of companies of all sizes by enabling quick implementation and faster adoption rates.

Personio raises $200M in second Series E to drive expansion and further its vision for HR software

Personio just announced their second Series E round, raising $200 million to drive expansion and further its vision for HR software.

This new funding round will allow Personio to expand its product portfolio, invest in its customer base and grow its international presence. It also marks the largest financing round for any German HR software provider.

Let’s look at the funding and what it means for the company.

Details of the $200M Series E funding

Personio, a cloud-based HR software company, has announced the completion of a colossal Series E funding round, raising an additional 200 million USD. Personio’s Series E funding was led by former investor Accel and new investors Atomico, existing investor Northzone, and strategic investors from Employee Benefit Trusts.

With this new capital influx, Personio is set to further inflate its historic value as one of the few unicorns in the HRtech space. The total amount invested in Personio since inception stands at over $310M and reflects the company’s success up to this point and confidence from investors both old and new. This Series E follows from their Series D round where $75M was raised in December of 2019.

The 200M Series E grant provides a great springboard for Personio to realize its grand vision for creating a modern world of work where everybody counts and moments matter in HR management worldwide. With these funds secured, Personio plans to expand into new markets and further develop its offerings across their entire product portfolio. Additionally the investment will fuel product innovation that keeps pace with evolving industry trends while ensuring they remain competitive within an increasingly crowded market.

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Investors involved in the funding round

Personio, a German Human Resources and payroll software firm, has announced that it has raised an additional $200 million in its latest Series E funding round. The investor consortium included several leading venture capitalists and strategic partners such as Accel, Atomico, Global Founders Capital, GKin on behalf of Google, GGV Capital and Slate Growth.

This latest round brings Personio’s total funding for the past year to $415 million. The money will accelerate product development in key markets such as the US, Germany and UK. In addition to expanding its products for businesses of all sizes, the software provider plans to increase its global presence by investing in research & development projects. The new funds will also enable Personio to continue executing on building a best-in-class HR platform and scaling up its operations worldwide with greater focus on serving customers in Europe and beyond.

How the Funding Will Be Used

Personio, a German HR software, has raised $200 million in its second Series E round, led by Tiger Global Management. This round of funding brings Personio’s total valuation to $2.7 billion, making it one of the most successful European software companies.

With this funding, Personio will push forward its vision for HR software and expand to new markets. This article will explore how they plan to use the funding.

Expansion plans for Personio

Personio, an HR and recruitment SaaS platform, announced it has raised $200 million in a Series E round. The round was co-led by General Atlantic, Accel and Basic-Fit, a European fitness company. Personio will use the new capital to continue expanding its service offerings, fuel international expansion plans, attract top talent and expand their capabilities in data science and product engineering, according to CEO & Co-Founder Hanno Renner.

This latest investment brings Personio’s total funding to over $430 million. It is used to help the company expand its operations globally as they continue to grow and seek new opportunities. With this additional money, the company has outlined six key initiatives:

1. Strengthening their European base with offices in France and Spain this year.

2. Continuing investments in product development such as mobile solutions for improved user experience.

3. Investing in data science resources for predictive analytics that helps automate operational workflows including forecasting labor demand or ability of existing human resources teams handling ever increasing demand from remote working trends accelerated by the pandemic this year;

4. Expanding their tech stack integrations with leading software providers;

5. Pursuing sales reps towards strategic partnerships such as job boards;

6. Expansion into key markets within Asia Pacific regions like Australia & New Zealand where marketplace for recruiting related services are still developing are finalized priorities for Personio’s growth strategy this year.

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Personio’s vision for the future of HR software

The recent $200M Series E round of funding will allow Personio to further expand their market-leading HR software and continue to deliver an outstanding customer experience. Along with ensuring that the current product offerings remain state-of-the-art, this funding will strengthen the company’s position as a leader in the field and lay the groundwork for becoming a global game changer in HR technology.

Personio envisions providing customers with an intuitive and comprehensive set of tools that provide full lifecycle support from recruitment, onboarding and performance management, all wrapped up into one simple yet powerful platform. As part of this vision, Personio invests in new features that simplify workflows and leverage analytics to make their software even more powerful for their customers.

The funding will also accelerate the expansion efforts across Europe, with plans to build on the popularity of their software in Germany and expand throughout other countries – all while offering ambitious startups access to top talent wherever they are based. Furthermore, Personio plans on using a portion of this latest financing round to double down on data security measures and put in place additional protection around its customers’ company data.

Personio’s outlook for the future remains both optimistic and hopeful as they continue advancing their HR software platform towards becoming one of the global leaders in HR tech innovation.


Personio’s second Series E funding of $200M shows its potential to become a leader in the HR software market. With this funding, Personio can drive expansion and further its vision of making world-class HR software for organizations.

This round of funding is a testament to the trust the company has established with its customers and puts it in a position to compete with other market leaders. So let’s dive deeper into the conclusions of this news.

Summary of the news

Personio, a cloud-based HR software for mid-sized companies has raised an additional $200 million funding in its Series E round. The latest round was co-led by Index Ventures and General Atlantic. In addition, the participation of other investors including Accel, Northzone, and Moloco Ventures along with the existing ones brought the total capital raised by the company until date to $515 million.

The fresh funding will help Personio fuel its growth opportunities to expand its reach and develop new products to help businesses with digital transformation projects. This includes creating innovative offerings and providing highly personalized and integrated customer experiences. In addition, the company plans to use the new capital for market expansion, deepening its presence in Europe, Asia, Latin America and beyond.

With the strong investor base supporting Personio’s growth ambitions, it is only a matter of time before we see more cloud solutions from this industry leader that would bring game changing innovations to modern employers worldwide.

What the funding means for Personio

The funding from Accel will provide additional resources for Personio to build on their current success. In addition, the capital will help the company develop and improve their product offering, expand into new markets, and increase staffing levels.

In addition, Accel’s presence as an investor brings valuable industry expertise and can provide access to a network of contacts in the venture capital community.

The funds will also allow Personio to conduct research and development, facilitate operations initiatives, invest in marketing efforts, and purchase new equipment or facilities that push the boundaries of what they can do.

With this new capital backing them, they can continue to grow while empowering their staff with increased job security by ensuring job continuity as they expand into new areas. By providing these resources at a pivotal time in their growth trajectory, Accel is helping Personio reach its big-picture goals of becoming a global leader in HR technology.