Leapwork’s Platform is Constantly Being Updated With New Features


Leapwork is a powerful automation platform designed to help modern teams build, scale, and operate their automated tests efficiently. Founded in 2017, the platform offers a wide range of features for teams — this includes easy-to-use design tools, an intuitive UI/UX design, test execution capabilities and more.

As part of its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Leapwork constantly updates its platform with new features to help teams easily build and maintain scripts. These new features allow users to interact with the Leapwork platform more quickly while increasing the dynamic elements they can use when creating automation workflows. In addition, with more customization options available at their fingertips, teams can create even more seamless automation processes without any hassle.

The latest updates by Leapwork include adding a new grid view feature, providing users with an overview of existing scripts in one page. This allows users to access multiple scripts and quickly identify steps or variables within them for further editing or troubleshooting. Furthermore, families of scripts can also be easily managed from within this grid view menu. Additionally, it is now easier than ever to integrate Leapwork into existing external systems and databases thanks to improved API support for Microsoft SQL Server among other advances.

By constantly updating its platform with fresh features and improvements, Leapwork is committed to offering customers the best experience possible.

What is Leapwork?

Copenhagen-based Leapwork provides an all-in-one software test automation platform that helps companies move away from manual testing, save time, and reduce costs. This can be done with no-code automation powered by visual programming.

With updates and new features being regularly added to the platform, let’s look at what makes Leapwork so special.

Overview of the Platform

Leapwork is an automation platform designed to help individuals and teams develop their automation projects. It is a powerful, modular platform that can create end-to-end workflows for business processes. In addition, the automated workflows are documented and visualized for easy collaboration and communication.

The Workflow Manager allows users to quickly assemble building blocks into a single workflow which consists of functional steps that can either be triggered manually or be scheduled to run automatically using the Scheduler component. In addition, each step can be further customized to suit specific requirements by adding branching logic, data synchronization, data validation rules and more.

Leapwork’s Task Manager gives users full control over their automation projects and helps them monitor their progress and reassign tasks when needed. In addition, Leapwork’s reporting features provide detailed insights into process performance and reveal areas of strength or weakness in the workflow design.

Moreover, Leapwork’s Adaptive Assistants use artificial intelligence to recommend relevant business help content based on customer usage patterns, prevent recurrent production issues through measurement of automated test performance, identify patterns that are indicative of potential workflow enhancements, and suggest further process improvements accordingly. Furthermore, it provides access to specialized support with dedicated customer success representatives who help customers get up and running quickly with best practice guidance from industry experts.

All of these features are regularly updated with new offerings so that Leapwork’s users can access the most up-to-date features at all times.

Key Features of the Platform

Leapwork is an automated browser-based platform created for development and testing teams to automate their processes and increase their software products’ quality, speed and efficiency. The platform leverages the power of automation to enable teams to create a variety of automated tasks including user authentication, data processing, API testing and more.

Some key features of the Leapwork platform include:

-Automatic Recording: Allows users to record any customer journey with click-by-click recording. This way, developers can quickly create robust tests based on customer actions.

-Drag & Drop Interface: Automation tasks can be created more easily with Leapwork’s easy drag and drop interface. This makes it easier to test previously too difficult or time-consuming scenarios.

-Simplified Test Setup & Maintenance: With this automation tool, users can configure complex tests faster without manual coding or scripting. Also, any changes made to the code or functionality doesn’t cause maintenance headaches – making it easier for users to get defect fixes out faster.

-Reusable Components: Testing elements can be reused across multiple tests saving time and effort for developers in creating tests from scratch every time there are changes in functionality/code. Additionally, Leapwork makes it easier for teams by offering high level quality assurance tests that use predefined components. These components can be used across all applications, making them cost effective and efficient in their job role execution timespan.

-Joining Workspaces & Access Role Control: With this feature developers can join workspaces seamlessly where they will have access based on their defined role permissions set by workspace owners/administrators as per their credential limitations set within organization boundaries. In contrast, they access required workspace(s).

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Recent Updates to the Platform

Copenhagen-based Leapwork has recently announced a €52.6 million investment round to create their no-code software test automation platform.

With this new funding, Leapwork is updating their platform with new features to better serve their users.

This article will focus on some of the recent updates that have been made to the platform.

Improved UI and UX

Leapwork’s platform is always being improved with the newest features and updates that enhance both the user experience and the platform’s overall performance. Recently, we’ve focused heavily on optimizing our user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).

We’ve redesigned our UI to feature a modern look, clean lines and a darker color palette. In addition, our platform has been made more intuitive through improved navigation menus, better filtering capabilities, and easier-to-understand visuals. We are also implementing functionality like drag-and-drop capabilities, enhanced customization options, quicker access to data points, and improved integrations – making it easier to get what you need from Leapwork rapidly and simply.

The improvements in UX have been carefully considered as an enhancement to your workflow. For example, we have increased automation speeds by up to 500%, meaning data points are now entered almost instantly. We have also used clustering technology for users to identify patterns within their data more rapidly than ever before.

Not only do these changes ensure that your platform runs smoothly but they also guarantee that your everyday tasks become simpler than ever before – giving you less time spent on mundane tasks so you can focus on more impactful items instead!

Increased Security Features

Leapwork understands the importance of providing a secure environment for our customers to build and run their automation projects. Therefore, we take security seriously and constantly evaluate our security measures to ensure that data remains protected.

To provide the best possible protection for customer data, Leapwork provides a wide range of security features, including the following:

– Two-factor authentication – End-to-end encryption using Transport Layer Security (TLS) – Role and permission management to control user access – Multi cloud deployments for enhanced resiliency – Cybersecurity awareness training for employees

In addition to these features and programs, we are continually developing new ways to protect customer data while enabling easy access. By regularly evaluating our processes, updating our technologies, and staying up to date on industry trends in data security, Leapwork can confidently provide a safe platform for customers to succeed with automation.

Improved Automation Features

Leapwork’s automation platform is regularly updated with new features and improvements, enabling users to create and run automations more efficiently. The latest update sets provide users with improved capabilities to make their automations faster, scalable, reliable and powerful.

The new automation features include:

  • Automatic File Retry – Allows any file related step within an automation to be re-attempted if a timeout occurs. This helps automation become more reliable in running independtly on different environments.
  • Robust Image Recognition – Handles complex image recognition processes much faster with increased accuracy, making the automations more accurate and efficient.
  • Parallel Execution – Enables users to run multiple automations in parallel by configuring a single task as ‘Parallel Automation’. Tasks configured for parallel execution are split into various sub tasks upon runtime which can help speed up the automation process.
  • Checkpoint Testing – Included a checkpoint based testing feature which enables users to define exact conditions where an automated test is deemed successful or failed before the test result is recorded in reports.
  • Extended UI Controls Support – Provides enhanced support for UI controls using modern technologies such as Angular, React and WinForms, making automated tests run even more seamlessly with supported apps.

These capabilities allow faster automation development cycles—which increases agility at scale—in addition to improved reliability when executing automated tests on varied platforms or environments; thus enabling teams to stay ahead of their customers’ changing needs while delivering higher quality self service apps that meet customer expectations more quickly than ever before!

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Copenhagen-based Leapwork snaps up €52.6 million for its no-code software test automation platform

Copenhagen-based Leapwork has raised a whopping €52.6 million to continue developing their no-code software test automation platform. This platform offers users a wide range of features and benefits, such as the ability to quickly create automated tests, save time on manual testing, and more.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of using Leapwork.

Time Savings

Time Savings is one of the key benefits of using Leapwork as a testing and automation platform. Automation can dramatically increase test speeds, often reducing them from hours to minutes. By automating manual tests, teams can free up valuable time for higher value activities such as proactive risk analysis and developing more sophisticated test scenarios. This enables teams to keep up with the pace of marketing and development cycles, which are inherently demanding and fast-moving processes.

At the same time, automated testing makes it possible to continuously monitor software performance – meaning that teams can quickly identify any issues or areas where performance degrades before they become problems for users or customers. This saves valuable resources by preventing major user disruption or costly downtime impacts.

Test automation also increases the range of tests that any given team or project can execute at one time – which further reduces turn-around times when resolving defects, as critical areas can be identified quickly and easily without needing to manually run each separate test individually. In practice this means that deployments are far less risky – even when accelerated due to business requirements — allowing projects to progress faster with improved user confidence in the outcomes.

Cost Savings

Leapwork offers cost savings in many ways. First and foremost, it provides users with automated tests designed to ensure quality applications and services from the beginning. Automated testing saves time and money by reducing the amount of manual exams needed by users and avoiding any costly errors that could occur due to manual tests.

Leapwork also allows for machine-based execution of processes, helping organizations save on labor fees associated with manual execution of tasks. Finally, regardless of the size of organization or team working with Leapwork platform, it offers a scalability that simplifies licensing costs. As a cloud-based solution, it adds flexibility to the budget when expanding current resources or scaling up the team size while maintaining quality product development.

With features like one-click scripting, reusable flows and robust analytics tools built into its platform, Leapwork significantly lowers TCO while ensuring better product value to users.

Increased Efficiency

Leapwork allows users to quickly and easily automate tasks as part of their daily workflow. With Leapwork’s platform, processes can be moved from manual activities performed by employees to efficient automated tests without changing existing systems. Utilizing this technology helps teams become more agile and stay ahead of their competition by cutting down on time-consuming tasks. Furthermore, automation reduces the potential for errors that lead to costly mistakes and allows for quick feedback during the development process.

The platform also creates autonomy within an organization’s environment by allowing teams to work independently and efficiently. In addition, Leapwork’s automation suite is constantly being updated with new features that improve efficiency while reducing manual errors as they become available, allowing teams to take advantage of new improvements as they are released. This enables organizations to keep pace with the ever-increasing complexity of software development while reaping the rewards of automating their daily workflows.

The result is improved productivity, higher throughput and cost savings in time, energy and resources – all while decreasing downtime due to unexpected human errors and increasing scalability under demand shifts. By introducing Leapwork into your organization’s workflow, you can get more done in less time without sacrificing quality or accuracy in your results!

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In conclusion, Leapwork’s platform is an incredibly useful tool for Automation developers and improving the efficiency of their workflows. Furthermore, with constant updates and new features being launched regularly, the platform has become increasingly easier to use to achieve quick and accurate results.

Indeed, this is why more businesses are choosing Leapwork as their primary automation tool — it’s reliable and trustworthy no matter the type of automation development tasks you need to take on. By leveraging the powerful features available in the platform, you can ensure that your team can be more productive and you won’t have to worry about bugs or errors when it comes to automating processes.

So don’t wait any longer — start building your automated workflow with Leapwork today!

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