The Reasons Behind the Surge in Demand for Human Interest’s 401(k)

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Human Interest, a 401(k) provider, has seen its business grow significantly in recent years. This is due to their commitment to providing their clients the best possible retirement plan options while keeping costs low and ensuring their participants are well informed about the available tools. By understanding the reasoning behind this surge in demand for Human Interest’s 401(k) services, employers can better decide what makes sense for them and their employees.

One of the main reasons for Human Interest’s success is its focus on individuals. They aim to ensure each person has a plan tailored to their needs. They provide guided advice that helps participants create an individualized retirement strategy. They also offer a robust collection of resources and tools designed to make it easier for participants to build their retirement plans with confidence and clarity. Human Interest’s focus on the individual sets it apart from many other 401(k) providers in an important way, as it allows them to make sure each participant is making decisions that are appropriate for his or her situation rather than just relying on rules of thumb or long-term industry trends.

Additionally, Human Interest’s 401(k) plans come with both low cost and transparency requirements which make them more attractive compared to traditional financial institutions offering similar retirement services such as banks or brokerages firms which may have higher fees or lack comprehensive disclosure documents associated with fees and commissions charged on investments within its plans. Human Interest ensures participants understand exactly how much money will be taken out of each paycheck for fees associated with managing investments throughout their retirement journey. Hence, there are never surprises when setting up contributions by automatically withdrawing money from paychecks over time or when managing withdrawals during retirement years.

Finally, employers have access not only to streamlined onboarding but also ongoing customer support from the HR support team which includes help employee funds management without having administrative headaches while streamlining operations cost effectively -allowing organizations providing 401(k) plans through Human Interest easy scalability without additional burden in both legal compliance & paperwork requirements while offering excellent customer service through continuous support services provided by HR team representatives.*

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Human Interest Background

Human Interest, a technology-enabled 401(k) provider, has recently seen a surge in demand for its retirement offering. This surge has been driven by the booming demand for retirement options and the company’s position at the cutting edge of 401(k) technology.

Human Interest has recently added a $10M extension to their Series C funding to capitalize on this.

Let’s take a more in-depth look into Human Interest’s background and why they’re having such success.

Overview of Human Interest

Human Interest is a financial technology company that provides 401(k) plans and other retirement funding services for businesses. The company was founded in 2014 in San Francisco, California. Their mission is to make it easy for businesses to provide secure retirement benefits to their employees.

Their innovative 401(k) product simplifies the planning process and makes it easier for employers to offer secure retirement options to their workers. In addition, they offer a modern cloud-based platform that can be customized with benefit options that fit any budget, as well as automated features such as automatic contributions and easy sharing of documents via PDFs or email.

They also provide a personal financial dashboard for each employee that allows them to track their investments, receive personalized advice tailored to their investment goals, access educational resources on budgeting and investing, and more. Human Interest charges fees based on the funds or investments employers choose when setting up their plan; however, many customers find this fee model simpler than traditional providers. Additionally, Human Interest provides international investment options and support services in over 40 countries across Europe and Asia.

Human Interest’s 401(k) Offering

Human Interest, a San Francisco-based startup specializing in providing automated 401(k) services to employers and individuals, has recently seen a substantial uptick in demand for its products. This surge in demand is due to factors that combine to make Human Interest’s offering more attractive than the traditional 401(k).

Human Interest offers clients a suite of intuitive tools designed to simplify employer setup, automate paperwork and document-collection processes, and provide an easier way for clients to track their investments. These tools allow employers to start their retirement plans quickly, easily and with little cost or effort.

The company also provides access to low-cost index funds with no minimum investment requirement, allowing participants even without much money saved up to benefit from the same long-term returns as those who are wealthier. Participants can also use automatic rebalancing and professional advice from Human Interest’s financial advisors. Finally, Human Interest offers access to an education platform that aims to help participants better understand the details of retirement planning.

The combinations of these features have helped increase interest in Human Interest’s 401(k) offerings and make it a more attractive option for employers who want an affordable retirement savings plan for their employees.

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As Demand For Its 401(k) Offering Surges, Human Interest Adds $10M Extension To Series C

Human Interest’s 401(k) offering has seen an immense surge in demand, leading the company to announce a $10M extension to its series C funding. This sudden increase in demand is likely due to the secure and accessible nature of the product, as well as a few other key reasons.

Let us look into these reasons in more detail.

Increased Awareness of Retirement Needs

The increased awareness of the need to plan for retirement has been a major factor driving the surge in request of Human Interest’s 401(k). With this increased awareness, more people are willing to take the necessary steps to secure their financial futures. This includes saving through investment-based retirement plans, such as a 401(k).

Contributing to this market demand growth is that employers and employees alike are becoming increasingly aware of personal savings’ important role in creating financial security. As such, employers and employees understand that making savings provisions may help them be better prepared for their retirements.

Human Interest and other organizations have also put various incentives in place, contributing positively towards the surge in demand for their 401(k) plans. For example, employer matching up to 6% has become more common from Human Interest’s customers. This incentivizes employees to save more within a 401(k) plan because they can receive an employer match for up to 6% of their contributions. In addition, these incentives allow companies and workers alike to plan financially for peace of mind regarding retirement planning.

Low Fees and Easy Navigation

One of the major draws for many potential customers considering Human Interest is its low annual fee and easy navigation. Regarding retirement, investors want to maximize their investment income and minimize overhead costs. As a result, human Interest’s annual fee is 0.25%, far lower than the industry’s average of 1%. This comparatively low fee enables customers to keep more of their hard-earned retirement funds under their control, rather than give it up in fees that can eat away at year-end balances.

The company also prides itself on having a user-friendly platform that provides intuitive navigation for users regardless of how comfortable or unfamiliar they may be with managing money, ensuring that even those without financial background can grasp what they need to in order to take advantage of available options to best meet their individual needs. The user experience features simple, straightforward graphic explanations and language, making it easy for all users to set up an account and understand the funding allocations and services they’re opting into without slogging through numerous documents or instructions. In addition, Human Interest personnel are readily available by phone or email should technical problems arise during the process or answers be needed regarding specific features of the platform.

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High-Quality Investment Options

High-quality investment options are one of the primary reasons behind the growing demand for Human Interest’s 401(k). Our exceptional investment options provide participants with various choices tailored to their objectives; the low-cost index funds, for example, are perfectly suited for those seeking long-term retirement savings.

Moreover, Human Interest’s unique BondLadder feature allows participants to manage their bond exposure without excessive risk or fees. Beyond that, our AutoInvest option enables participants to create a diversified portfolio easily and affordably.

This suite of features has determined many employers and consumers to opt for Human Interest’s 401(k) over other potential plans.

Human Interest’s Response

With its new Series C extension recently announced, Human Interest is responding to the surge in demand for its 401(k) offering. The company added $10M in funding to meet the current demand and further expand its offering. This latest Series C round serves as an indicator of the company’s success and continued growth.

Let’s take a closer look at how Human Interest is managing the surge in demand.

$10M Extension to Series C

In late 2020, Human Interest announced a $10M extension to their Series C round of funding that specifically targeted 401(k) accounts. This investment highlights the marked increase in demand for the company’s services and follows a year filled with financial and uncertainty instability.

The current climate has further pushed an already growing demand towards diversity of retirement offerings tailored to individual investors’ needs. Furthermore, there has been a growing wave of understanding that retirement savings are necessary and more achievable when done with professional guidance; these diverse offerings have enabled individuals to make informed decisions that meet their financial goals. This is where Human Interest provides a distinct service – first by offering an ‘end-to-end’ solution for workplace retirement plans and standalone investor accounts; but secondly by aiding organizations in the transition to Automatic Enrollment plans and providing assistance on fiduciary compliance piece.

Human Interest’s additional capital will help them further scale up their platform, continue developing innovative features like its Automated Financial Health Score technology, and expand into new markets. It also allows them to stay dedicated to providing expert advice, enabling individuals to effectively plan for their retirement goals. With support from investors including LionBirdVentures and 500Startups, this could be the beginning of just how far Human Interest can go.

Expansion of Human Interest’s Team

Due to the increasing demand for Human Interest’s 401(k) services, the team of experts has increased to serve individuals, small businesses, and larger companies. More Senior Technical Consultants have been hired and added to the team to provide expert advice and guidance when deciding which plan is best suited for their employees. The recruits come with expertise and experience in tax law, investment strategy, employee benefits, retirement planning, fiduciary regulations and more. The new staff members have also enabled Human Interest to further expand its service offerings like Navigating Pro Benefits Group Services that can be tailored-made for corporate clients who are trying to find a 401(k) plan that meets their budget requirements yet offers a competitive variety of options for their employees.

The team of Senior Technical Consultants is available 24/7 across multiple channels such as phone calls, emails or an online chat system – so you can connect with a consultant any time of day throughout the year depending on your convenience. In addition, the dedicated customer service team at Human Interest helps connect individuals interested in starting or investing in a 401(k) with experienced consultants who provide them useful information on how best they can make their retirement savings work hard for them.

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Plans for Future Growth

Human Interest has seen a surge in demand for its 401(k) offering over the past few years. The company attributes this success to several factors, including its industry-leading digital platform and advanced investment options. Moving forward, Human Interest plans to build on this success by focusing on three key areas:

  • Expanding their customer base.
  • Introducing new features and services.
  • Investing in sales and marketing.

Human Interest plans to expand into several new markets to broaden their customer base. For example, the company currently serves clients in all 50 states but is looking to further diversify its customer base beyond the United States by launching international operations. In addition, Human Interest also plans to develop customized 401(k) plans tailored to small businesses and larger enterprises such as Fortune 500 companies.

The company also intends to introduce new features and services to give customers more convenience and flexibility when managing their retirement savings accounts. For instance, Human Interest will integrate their digital platform with popular cloud-based accounting software programs to make fund transfers easier. Additionally, the company will launch a mobile app which customers can use to monitor portfolios and make changes on the go.

Human Interest’s commitment to growth doesn’t end there – the team is also heavily investing in sales & marketing initiatives to ensure more people can access their 401(k) offering. Among other strategies, they plan on ramping up social media presence, creating educational content for potential customers, launching targeted advertising campaigns in key markets around the country and sponsoring existing conferences that focus on retirement planning topics – all with an aim of making sure more people know about their top-notch retirement savings product!


To conclude, the reasons that are driving the surge in demand for Human Interest’s 401(k) plan can be attributed to a combination of factors. First, the plan offers low fees and automated contributions, making it more cost-effective for employers and employees.

In addition, users benefit from its high level of customization and its ease of use, which make it an attractive option for those looking to save for retirement. The high customer service provided by Human Interest also contributes significantly to their success in this market.

Finally, by leveraging technology and leveraging their design expertise, Human Interest can provide a unique experience that helps more people achieve financial security in retirement.

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