Why Casinos are so Often Featured in Video Games

There has always been a strong link between video games and online casino play. The use of graphics to create a virtual world in which you press buttons to enable interactions with a character or a slot game is one of the similarities. The simulated nature of an event to which you contribute by making decisions and actions is another common link between gaming of the video and casino kinds. Over time, the two have been largely distinguished as their own individual forms of entertainment, but over the last decade, some renowned video game titles have featured casino play as part of the in-game action. It is easy to determine that the similarities between the two forms of entertainment mean the two are destined to collaborate well within the same realm, but there are many other reasons why casino play plays a significant role in video gameplay.

Actions have their Consequences

With online casino gameplay, the results are directly linked to the results. By triggering the slots reel, you force an outcome that could potentially come out in your favour, or against. Choosing red or black or a number on the roulette table pins your allegiances to said choice. Each choice culminates in an outcome, and more often than not, making the right decision leads to a positive result. The same can be said of video games, especially those of a storyline nature. With games that feature casino gameplay, like Red Dead Redemption or Grand Theft Auto, the likelihood of you completing the game very much depends on making the right decisions along the story, so it is only natural that casino play aligns itself to the storyline aspect of a video game. Many of these traditional games are also now vastly player on phones – with online casinos now an option through these also.

Gaining in-game redits and prizes

Aligned with the storyline aspect, many video games require you to build up in-game credits to purchase certain items or upgrade existing ones. The immersion of casino play into video games lends itself perfectly to this aspect. Of course, you are not playing for real money but a currency that exists only in the game and can only be spent in the game. Finding the best paying online casino is not necessary for now with the Grand Theft Auto Online, “The Diamond Casino & Resort” update, for example. When purchased, this add-on unlocks a whole realm of casino play, where exclusive prizes and luxuries can be won.

In GTA Online, the casino floor is open for you to wander around, and there are a variety of classic games to be played for the chance to win a Truffade Thrax supercar for example. Slots, roulette, blackjack, and even virtual horse racing find their way into the game, also adding a human element away from the adrenalin pumping missions and game-advancing tasks.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is also a good example of casino play meeting the world of video games. In this RDR 2 world, the gamer wanders through the fictitious US states, occasionally encountering saloons (we are in the Wild West, of course) where classic online casino games such as blackjack and poker can be played to potentially increase in-game riches. These in turn can be used to buy or upgrade camp equipment or pay off any bounties, which provides another example of casino play making a direct contribution in video gameplay.

Easy Conversation

However, this interactive casino aspect also has another potential role it could play in future releases.


Having seen casino introduced into Red Dead Redemption 2, there is a good chance we could see this aspect also utilised in a third edition of Red Dead Redemption, if indeed Rockstar decide to build on the success of the two current versions, which Roger Clark, the actor that voices Arthur Morgan, reckons there is a good chance of. Whoever the potential protagonist of RDR 3 would be, including casino play in saloons would be a useful avenue to involve interaction and conversation between characters. Perhaps inside information needs to be communicated, perhaps something needs to be passed on under the table. The potential to incorporate gameplay aspects at the blackjack or poker table would be another good fit.