Secrets and Tips for Quickly and Efficiently Leveling up in Destiny 2

D2 is a shooter in the MMO RPG genre, designed to be played in a group of three players, but if you wish, you can play alone.

You are waiting for space battles and shootouts, exploring planets, completing tasks and destroying a large number of enemies.

The primary goal is to gain a gaming level and constantly increase the overall strength of the character and your weapon.

In this way, boosting in Destiny 2 is combined, kinetic and energy weapons are obtained, and the special abilities of each of the three classes are learned.

Leveling up to Level 20

To start your journey in Destiny 2 and gain access to more or less interesting, rather than introductory content, you need to reach level 20.

To do this, you need to choose your main class from Titan (tank), Warlock (support and magic hero), or Hunter (full-fledged attack class).

Next, you will undergo a short training, in which you will be told about the basics of camera viewing and movement, taught to shoot and select weapons, helped to master the main skills and sent to complete story missions.

When you complete the starting quests, all you have to do is talk to the NPC and your leveling in Destiny 2 will change to level 20.

When you complete the starting quests, all you have to do is talk to the NPC and your leveling value in Destiny 2 will change to level 20. Your intermediate experience does not matter – for completing all story assignments, you will receive exactly level 20 for your character, regardless of the game class.


What You Need to Know for Fast Pumping

  1. Ignore side quests

In the world of D2, there are many tasks that complement the story missions, but the reward for their demands is not always profitable.

If your goal is solely to get a quick boost in Destiny 2, then ignore all the mechanics of the side quests.

If you want to receive glimmers and other resources, then pay attention to this part of the content.

  1. Strive to complete missions quickly

This means you do not need to kill more monsters than the task requires and generally touch them if such a task is not in the quest.

The quest monsters themselves do not carry a large amount of experience. They will in no way help you get quickly boosted in D2, and promptly completing all tasks will significantly advance you in learning the content.

  1. If you want to go through all game aspects quickly, play with three people.

A full-fledged group will have quick access to strikes and can destroy all the necessary monsters much faster.

You can find teammates by inviting friends to Destiny 2, or simply by contacting other players in the general chat with an invitation to level up and clear raids together.

Playing together will give you more experience than playing alone.

  1. Passing important milestones

If you want to discover new planets and important story missions, then be prepared to strive for levels 6, 11 and 15.

The best way to gain experience will be daily quests, which allow you to receive up to 50% of the entire D2 leveling scale for the current level and are available daily.

If you complete such tasks and combine them with story quests, you will be able to gain levels and accumulate kinetic and energy weapons quickly.

  1. Don’t get carried away with grinding for weapons up to level 20

Destiny 2 has all the main advantages of a shooter, namely accuracy. This approach allows you to save time on searching for weapons, so you can complete all key quests and tasks even with simple and primitive weapons and will begin to search for more powerful equipment much later, when you approach the planet Neptune and the Saint 13 quests as you boost in Destiny 2 Lightfall.

To reach the maximum level 20 it will take you about 10 hours when playing alone and situationally faster when completing tasks as part of a group.

Next, you will accumulate the overall strength of your character, which will influence your combat power and capabilities in tasks, quests, and grinding, as well as clearing raids and strikes.

If you are applying for entry into the Mythic raid, which is considered the most difficult, then you must have the required amount of power, otherwise nothing will work and you will not gain access.

When you increase your power level to a certain point, for example, level 210, then monsters will begin to drop items with a power level of 250, and so on, so that your hero always receives progress.

The higher the overall power level, the higher the level of rewards that you can receive.

Your main goal is to equip your character with Legendary-level weapons and armor with a power level of 270, or at least Mythic weapons.

Accumulate power gradually, and the game itself will help you exaggerate it.

When you reach level 230, special nightfall level strikes will become available to you, which will help you get equipment of 250 and 270 power levels.

If you accumulate items of power level 300, then prestigious raids of the highest difficulty will become available to you.

To regularly increase your power level, you need to boost in Destiny 2, complete daily tasks and quests, go to raids and strikes, and you can get closer to the maximum power level – 305.

Attention – if you take on Flashpoint/Nightfall/Clan Reward quests, then do not receive rewards for them until you reach power level 265, otherwise their value and the quality of weapons and armor will be worse than it could be, because it adapts to the potential of your hero.

After power level 265, you can confidently assign all tasks to NPCs and receive a well-deserved reward.

Do not take on exclusive quests until you reach power level 265, because they also adjust to the level of your character.

When you just start your gameplay, with the help of quests and rewards for completing them, you will approach level 20 with a character strength of about 200 units, and all further actions will only strengthen your power.

Up to 265 strength values, you will be helped by the drop that you will receive from quests, raids and strikes, the main thing is to achieve this minimum value before you go on exotic tasks.

Remember the mechanics – the more powerful the equipment and weapons you have, the more powerful items you will drop.