How to to Earn and Spend FC 24 Coins

Coins are a source for transferring all types of football players and improving the playing team both technologically and technically.

You can earn coins in a football simulator through matches and tournaments, transactions in the transfer window for the sale and purchase of football players, or buy FC 24 coins in SkyCoach.

To begin with, it is worth understanding that it is FIFA 24 coins that determine the development of your team, and you can follow the path of chance, that is, open a lot of sets in the hope of superstars, or just good football players, or act more consciously – accumulate more FC 24 coins and buy football players directly through the transfer window from other players without a case system.

How to Earn Coins in FIFA 24

Play League Matches

All confrontations with other players will bring you coins and a change of position in the division, depending on the outcome. Of course, victory and draw are valued higher than defeat, but the game rewards any of your results and motivates you to play further and better than before.

Complete Tasks

Every week, developers from EA Sports update the list of in-game actions that need to be completed during the week in order to receive additional FIFA 24 coins.

Typically, these are game mechanics such as feints, crosses, shots on goal, clean sheets, and no penalty cards.

It is important to complete everything on time, otherwise any result, even close to the maximum, will not be counted.

This approach allows game developers to teach you and suggest new mechanics that you may later want to add to your gameplay, for example, crosses or more active feints.

For timely completion of tasks, you will receive additional FC 24 coins for your club.

Play Events

Events thought out by the developers of the football simulator will be waiting for you:

  1. Moments – reconstructed football situations that need to be solved according to the rules described in the task.
  2. Challenge – You are a coach who strictly follows the requirements of the board of directors and receives FC 24 coins for solving problems.

Play the Tournament

From time to time, developers from EA Sports hold tournaments where you can test your gaming skills and lineups and, most importantly, earn FIFA 24 coins.

The tournament takes place in three stages:

  1. You need to score 1500 points in your division, wins, draws and even losses are taken into account.
  2. You need to go through the qualifying stage, which consists of 10 matches against random opponents. You need to win at least 4 of them to advance, but even defeat is rewarded with gold sets with football player cards.
  3. The main stage of 20 matches, where each victory moves you along the reward line and allows you to receive FIFA 24 coins and player cards, stadium upgrades, goal celebrations and much more.

Use the Transfer Window.

As your gameplay progresses, you will accumulate cards with football players that you will not really need in the future and can be sold.

You can sell them at the current price, or you can sell them at an inflated price, but the main thing is not to rush too much.

The fact is that sometimes EA Sports will hold events in which game coaches must release representatives of certain countries and clubs onto the football field to receive an award, and then the cost of rare and low-value cards will increase significantly if they meet these requirements. That’s when it’s better to sell them, but make sure that you don’t forget to fulfill all the conditions.

Where and How to Spend your FC 24 Coins

When you play a lot of matches, tournaments, and events, you will accumulate coins that need to be constantly invested in your gaming lineup.

First of all, you need a good goalkeeper, because a talented goalkeeper will significantly reduce the number of goals conceded and make your matches easier.

Then you need forwards, and fast ones, because a slow, but technical forward will always lose to a fast newcomer, or at least he will have fewer options for action.

The midfield and defense must be well-coordinated and resilient, because they will do the bulk of the work and movement to control the ball.

You can focus your efforts on opening cases, and then you will spend minimal amounts to rely on your luck, but there are important nuances:

  1. Bronze cases are cheap and are great for filling the first game lineup and then gradually replacing it.
  2. Silver cases will be better and more expensive but inferior to gold ones, which are obtained from tournaments.
  3. Gold cards can be obtained from tournaments, but if you cannot yet get at least three large sets in them, then you can buy gold ones – these cards will have the greatest number of characteristics for football players.

Conclusions on the Accumulation and Spending of FC 24 Coins

Coins are the main currency of the project, and since you will start your journey with a random gaming composition, you will need quite a lot of FIFA 24 coins to assemble your dream team.


First, play matches, events, and tournaments to accumulate coins and cards from players, which you can then sell in the transfer window if desired.

It is better to spend coins on ready-made football players, or sets of bronze and gold quality, because most of the valuable cases can be obtained in tournaments for a good result, even without victory conditions.

Don’t forget to complete the weekly quests because not only do they earn you cheap FC 24 coins, but they always teach you something new.

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