Genshin Impact: How to Get a Blue Creature Photo?

Genshin Impact is a game that is all about collecting creatures. One of the most important things you can do is get a good photo of your creatures. Here’s a guide on how to get a blue creature photo.


MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact is an open world action role-playing game. Players control one of two pairs of travelers as they explore the planet, engaging in elemental battle with creatures, acquiring resources, and uncovering mysteries. In Genshin Impact, you may take images or “snapshots” of blue-colored animals called “Anemoculi” for prizes such as Primogems or other things.

This article will go through the fundamentals of obtaining a Blue Creature picture in Genshin Impact.

  1. To begin, you must be near an Anemoculus item. These things are often found around geographical features such as towers or shrines.
  2. Before taking a photo, make sure you have a camera switched on – it won’t function if your camera isn’t turned on. While in game, tap right on your D-pad to find red creatures and switch on your camera to enable the snapshot mode.
  3. Next, point your camera towards the Anemoculus until you see a request to snap a picture appear on screen, then click A/X or whichever key you use for capturing images.
  4. If everything went well, you should get a notification confirming that your picture was successful.

What is a Blue Creature Photo?

A Blue Creature Photo is an item used in the Genshin Impact game to get Primogems, a unique money. The item may be obtained via events or discovered in certain regions of the game, such as Mondstadt and Liyue. It’s a snapshot of a creature with blue wings and delicate characteristics, similar to a dragonfly or butterfly. It has no item worth, but it may be traded for 40 Primogems at the Exchange Shop by engaging with Paimon.

The Blue Creature Photo may also be used to unlock different prizes in the elemental events of Genshin Impact. In summary, the Blue Creature Photo is an item in Genshin Impact that can be traded for Primogems and other prizes.

Where to Find Blue Creature Photos

Blue Creature Photos may be obtained by accomplishing specified in-game activities in Genshin Impact. Blue Creature Photos are utilized in the game to create extraordinary characters such as Childe and Diona. These photographs may be obtained by performing certain actions such as conquering monsters and dungeons, entering the Secret Shop, and receiving event goodies.

Blue Creature Photos are very uncommon and cannot be obtained directly from businesses or dealers. They must be obtained via missions and events, however you will almost certainly stumble across a couple while playing Genshin Impact. If you are fortunate enough to get one of these rare photographs, you may exchange it for higher-level characters or strong weaponry.

In-Game Locations

In-Game Locations are an excellent source of Blue Creature Photos in Genshin Impact. These photographs will be given to players as prizes for accomplishing tasks by NPCs scattered across the landscape. NPC characters such as Xiao, Tri-Stars, and Rex Lapis may be found throughout Teyvat. Blue Creatures may also be found in several of the game’s dungeons, such as Stormterror’s Lair and Dragonspine.

In addition, certain of the game’s special event challenges may provide Blue Creature Photos to players.

Finally, Blue Creature Photos may be purchased from vendors around Teyvat. These merchants will sell a variety of pictures that may be purchased using Mora™—the game cash. Buying images from merchants is normally more costly than other options, but the photos are frequently of greater quality than those discovered in-game or via event challenges.

Online Sources

It is not as tough as it seems to find blue monster photographs in Genshin Impact. They are available online from a number of sources. The official Genshin Impact website or the in-game shop are the most typical places to get blue monster photographs.

These websites sell a variety of high-resolution photos that you may use for personal purposes. There are also fan-created websites and forums for sharing blue monster images, fan art, and other related information. These sites also provide a variety of possibilities for people seeking for blue monster photographs from certain Genshin Impact games or seasons.

Finally, you may go through internet auction sites like eBay or Etsy With a wide range of Red Creatures photographs available for purchase at reasonable costs, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding the perfect Red Creature picture for your collection or as a backdrop image for your gaming desktops.

How to Take Blue Creature Photos

Taking a blue creature snapshot in Genshin Impact is a terrific way to add color and vitality to your screenshots while also increasing your overall game immersion.

To photograph a blue monster, you must first locate the creature. Use the shift key to bring up a mini-map of the area you’re in and check for animals highlighted with a blue dot if you’re playing on PC. By pressing L1 or LB on console versions of the game, you may observe nearby animals. When you find one, point your camera at it and hit R2 or RT to take a photo.

Blue creature images are very beneficial if you want to make an album of all the creatures you’ve met on your tour through Teyvat. Have fun snapping!


An Equivalent Exchange occurs when a Blue Creature Photo is exchanged for an item or cash in Genshin Impact. You may use this form of transaction to trade anything of equivalent worth, such as in-game goods, weapons, or resources, for a particular item or cash.

The Exchange button may be found in the game menu and will lead you to a list of possible exchanges. These transactions may be completed using either Mora, the game’s money, or Primogems, the premium currency.

To begin an exchange for a Blue Creature Photo, you must have at least one item in the same 4-star rarity category as the photo. When you choose your item(s) and hit the confirm button, they will be exchanged for the Blue Creature Photo.


You must be online to unlock a blue monster picture in Genshin Impact. Once you’re online, you’ll be able to fight blue monster bosses with higher stats and more powerful prizes. In addition, conquering these monsters will get you access to rare images of various blue animals.

To increase your chances of capturing a rare picture, gamers should explore the many areas where these bosses might appear and ensure that they are appropriately prepared for fight before embarking on their adventure. Furthermore, having just one or two players makes it more difficult to destroy blue monsters effectively, thus having a few high-level pals around may greatly boost the odds of success in getting these images.

Tips for Taking Great Blue Creature Photos

Taking beautiful blue creature images may be difficult, but with a few easy strategies, you can ensure your photos are as fantastic as they can be.

  • First and foremost, ensure that you have the necessary equipment. A DSLR camera with a decent lens is ideal for photographing wildlife, especially blue ones.
  • Make sure to use the right camera settings for the type of shot you want to take; for example, if you wish to capture a close-up or wide angle liyue mondstadt dragonspine species, use a larger aperture.
  • Additionally, while shooting images, make sure that composition is key; concentrate on one region or species rather than include numerous in one frame.
  • Finally, shoot many images quickly and don’t be scared to experiment with angles and lighting. Natural light is usually preferable, and it’s remarkable how different a picture can seem when shot from different perspectives, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Following these guidelines will assist guarantee that your blue monster photographs are flawless.


Genshin Impact gives gamers a one-of-a-kind approach to picture blue animals. Players may take their time and acquire the ideal photo of any blue creature they come across by utilizing the Precious Render Camera and a few pieces of Photo Paper. Although it takes some trial and error to achieve the best results, shooting photographs is an excellent method to preserve memories of your time in Teyvat. You, too, can become a professional Genshin Impact photographer with some practice.

Genshin Impact Blue Creature Photo: How to Get a Blue Creature Photo?