Kurious Kamera: Genshin Impact Red Creature Locations and How to Get

Get all the details on where to find the red creatures in Genshin Impact and how to get them in this Kurious Kamera blog post.


Kurious Kamera: Genshin Impact Red Creature Locations and How to Get There. This guide will show you where to find all of the red animals in the game Genshin Impact, as well as how to obtain them. You’ll learn where and how to discover each of these species here, making gathering them a breeze.

We will also provide ideas and tips on how to make your quest for these elusive species simpler. So go ahead and have some fun exploring and searching down these one-of-a-kind individuals.

What is Genshin Impact?

MiHoYo’s Genshin Impact Genshin Impact is an open-world action role-playing game that was published for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, and iOS. In this game, players take control of the protagonist and explore the mythical continent of Teyvat with its seven game locations online sources, each with its own deity, to find blue creature photos..“Traveler,” a figure that travels between two realms: the “real world” and the mythical kingdom of Teyvat.

Players are free to roam the realm, doing storyline objectives that advance the plot while also completing side quests for experience points, goods, and Treasure Chests required to prepare for fight. Exploration of dungeons and defeat of formidable opponents are feasible in order to earn powerful artifacts, cash, or even Treasure Chests with which tale characters may be recruited into the player’s group.

Genshin Impact also has a multiplayer option in which players may join forces with friends or strangers through Co-Op play or World Boss confrontations.

What are Red Creatures?

Red Creatures are unique NPCs in Genshin Impact. These cosmic entities can only be viewed with a Kurious Kamera as they fly about the map. Players may uncover Red Creatures hiding around the globe of Genshin Impact, and photographing them will charge their Kamera with 2 Anemo orbs.

When players capture enough photos of Red Creatures, their Kamera’s bar will fill and they will earn prizes such as Primogems or character ascension materials. The prizes differ depending on how many Red Creatures were photographed and the degree of Charging their Kamera is at.

Red Animals are a wonderful way to explore the environment in quest of uncommon objects, so grab your Kamera and start looking for these enigmatic creatures.

Where to Find Red Creatures?

Geovishaps, or Red Creatures Find Red Photos Adventurer Guilds have reported sightings of Geovishaps, an uncommon sort of opponent in Genshin Impact, throughout Teyvat to drop uncommon goods when defeated. These creatures are the offspring of battle-hardened members of ancient civilizations who were petrified by primordial magic, often appearing constructed of dirt or rock with a blazing pattern that lights up red. in the dark. flowing through them.

Players may track down these elusive beasts by looking for certain locations in Teyvat.

  • Starfish islands
  • ruins
  • Monstadt and Liyue Harbors
  • Stormterror’s Lair
  • Dragonspine

are among the places. Players must also keep a look out for the crimson shimmering trails left by Red Creatures as they move between hiding areas. When confronted with one of these animals, players must utilize a special maneuver called “Aimed Shot” to breach its defense before engaging it in battle. Defeating a Red Creature grants players exclusive prizes like as stat-boosting ascension materials and weaponry that cannot be found elsewhere in Genshin Impact.


Liyue is a location in Genshin Impact’s open world that is home to a variety of Red Creatures, including Ammonite Crabs. Each crab bears a valuable Lithic Shard and may be discovered along the Liyue Harbor beach. To reset them and get more Lithic Shards, you must accomplish a series of missions in Liyue.

First, you must find the Ammonite Crabs in the vicinity of Liyue Harbor. They spawn in seven different places, each with three crabs. When you find them, engage with them by hitting the O/B button when requested. This reduces your character’s Joy Equivalent JE value by 10 points, so avoid doing it too often if you want to keep your JE rating.

Once all seven crabs have been interacted with, return to Liyue Harbor and speak with Fischl or any other residents who may be there. You may then use the “Can I Ask Something?” conversation option to ask about refreshing your Lithic Shards, which will reset all seven Ammonite Crabs throughout Liyue and provide you access to new Lithic Shards.


In the popular game Genshin Impact, Mondstadt is a region. It also has a slew of red animals that may be vanquished for a shot at quick money. These species are known as reds “because to their unique red coloration”.

When one of these animals is vanquished, it will drop an actuator”. This may then be combined with other objects discovered in the game to create special items or acquire cash.

The Claymore, Rosalia, and Arachnea Red monsters are some of the creatures that can be found in Mondstadt. Defeating them in this game online will reward you with quick money, ascension materials, artifacts, and even rare weapons.


Dragonspine Dragonspine is one of Teyvat’s primary areas in Genshin Impact, situated in the northern portion of Mondstadt. To get red photos go and explore the region’s riches, you must ascend high mountain summits, navigate perilous freezing slopes, and traverse through the snow and ice-covered terrain.chasing down hidden critters.

The surroundings might be harsh at times. Snowy winds will force players down mountain slopes if they are not cautious, so plan your actions carefully to be safe. Players should seek high and low for unique animals hidden in difficult-to-reach areas on Dragonspine, particularly enemy camps that have a possibility of dropping unusual prizes. Furthermore, using tools such as Hang Gliders to explore the environment and uncover hidden collectibles may be beneficial. Finally, keep in mind that certain regions may need the use of an Anemo character such as Venti or Kaeya to maneuver their way through severe winds that may delay progress.

Other Areas

Other Genshin Impact Red Creature locales and How to Get Shiny Pokémon may be discovered in a variety of cosmogonical places, including Liyue Harbor, Mondstadt, and the Dragonspine Mountains. These animals have also been seen near the peak of Mt. Hulao, Cape Oath, and Yuelao Lake in Liyue;, Dawn Winery and Crescent Island in Mondstadt;, and Guyun Stone Forest, the Starfell Valley, Windrise Hillside, and Glacier in Dragonspine.

It’s worth noting that although you may discover them here, they’re much more uncommon than in raids. Other players may obtain Shiny Pokémon by accomplishing objectives on the Adventure Rank Board that employ their Special Trades skill or by gaining Reputation with the different factions.

How to Get Red Creatures Photos with Kurious Kamera?

Kurious Kamera is a popular equipment in the game Genshin Impact. This camera-like gadget enables users to photograph uncommon Red Creatures discovered all around the world. By photographing these critters, gamers may earn climbing experience, Primogems, and even new characters or weapons for their item collection.

To use Kurious Kamera to photograph Red Creatures, you must first find one and bring it into range. Then, press R3 to activate the camera view and L3 to move it about until you’ve framed the creature in an acceptable photo. When you’re completed, hit the right d-pad button on your controller to snap a photograph and save it to your photo album. With each picture you snap, your Photo Rank rises, granting you bonuses such as Primogems or Adventurer’s Exp Potion once you complete your album.


Finally, Genshin Impact Red Creatures Blue Creature Photos are very uncommon and strong collectibles that can only be discovered in certain areas of the game. They provide incredibly high payouts and may be utilized to build some of the game’s most powerful Gacha artifacts. Nevertheless, they can be tricky to locate and require a great deal of study and concentration to get them all.

With this guide, you should have a better grasp of where to look for these elusive critters and how to get them. Best wishes, traveler.

Genshin Impact Red Creature Locations: How to Get Red Creatures Photo With Kurious Kamera?