How to Get Red Photos in Genshin Impact: The Color Guide

Looking to add a splash of color to your Genshin Impact photos? Here’s a quick guide on how to get red photos in the game!


Genshin Impact is a popular open world role-playing game that lets players explore Teyvat’s vast planet. You may have seen the brilliant sights and numerous vibrant colours that emerge across the in-game world while playing. If you’re wondering how to obtain red images in Genshin Impact, look no further.

We’ll take you through all of the steps involved in taking gorgeous red images if you follow this tutorial. We’ll go over what kinds of environments and personalities perform best, as well as some valuable camera settings and ideas to help you enhance your Genshin Impact photography results. Prepare to show off your abilities and share some incredible photographs with your friends.

What Are Red Photos?

Red Photos are collecting objects in Genshin Impact that you may carry with you on your journey. Taking a Red Photo unlocks the ascension material for the connected character, which is used to level up the character by increasing their stats and talents. These images are simple to identify since they have a red border and produce a red light.

They frequently occur at places relevant to the linked character’s tale or side-quest, so be sure to visit all of them for the best rewards. These images may also be seen in dungeons, on steep hills, and within caverns around Teyvat.

To capture Red Photos, choose the camera option from your inventory, then position yourself so that the picture is perfectly aligned with the character or item of interest before pressing the shutter:

  • Choose the camera option from your inventory.
  • Position yourself so that the picture is perfectly aligned with the character or item of interest.
  • Press the shutter.

How to Get Red Photos

Genshin Impact is an online game in which players may explore a gorgeous and vast environment filled with puzzles, missions, and other activities. To get access to some of the material, you must first gather a collection of images in order to unlock other regions. One of these images is a red photo, which may be hard to come by in-game, so here’s how to obtain red photos in Genshin Impact:

  1. To begin, you must discover picture locations that resemble cameras that are distributed across the globe. Approach them and engage with them; they may give you images or initiate a quest or mini-game. Red images may only be obtained from certain photo spots during missions or puzzles.
  2. Second, after you’ve engaged with the photo point and obtained your photograph, go to the next one. The more images you gather, the more points you’ll earn and special gifts you’ll get along the road. Make sure that when you accomplish a task or puzzle involving a photo point, it has not previously been completed, since this will result in no images being dropped for collecting.
  3. Finally, collecting red photographs frequently necessitates fulfilling specified tasks within specific stages. So, whether engaging in missions or mini-games involving photographing spots, be sure that their itineraries correspond to what is required for your progress towards unlocking various regions inside Genshin Impact.

Go to the Adventurer’s Guild

The first step towards obtaining Red Photos in Genshin Impact is to visit the Adventurer’s Guild in Mondstadt. Photo Frames may be purchased for a little cost from a merchant here. After purchasing a Photo Frame, place it on your character in-game and then choose the “capture photo” option. You will then be presented with a range of possible photographs in various hues ranging from black and white to various degrees of red. Choose one of the red photographs, and it will be added to your game inventory.

It should be noted that these Red Photo Frames are limited in quantity and may only be used once. So get as many as you can while they’re still available.

Complete Quests

Completing missions is one of the primary methods for obtaining red photographs in Genshin Impact. You may gain experience points, Adventure Rank, and even red photographs by completing tasks.

Quests are mainly obtained through chatting to NPCs in the rural districts of Genshin Impact. When you start a quest, a marker denoting the mission’s location will appear on your map. Before advancing to the quest location, you may need to perform certain activities or acquire specific things, so read the description carefully. It’s worth noting that certain missions may take you to travel across numerous maps before arriving at your objective, so plan appropriately.

Find Treasure Chests

In Genshin Impact, treasure chests are the most dependable source of Red Photos. These chests may be found all across Teyvat and are distinguished by their crimson, blazing aura. They often occur in inaccessible locations, such as mountaintops or deep underwater. Some chests may need you to solve a challenge or puzzle in order to access them, so be sure to search all parts of the map for chests.

Red Photos may also be obtained from enemies and loot boxes spread around Teyvat, although they are less common than treasure chests.

Defeat Bosses

One of the most efficient methods to get Red Photos in Genshin Impact is to defeat bosses. The photographs are dropped by bosses, with higher-level bosses having a bigger likelihood. In addition to Red Photos, defeating these boss opponents might award you with uncommon materials necessary for crafting.

These adversaries may be found all across the globe map of Genshin Impact If you’re looking for genshin impact red photographs, do your research ahead of time to determine which bosses have a higher chance of dropping the resource you need, so keep an eye out for them and take them on as soon as possible..

Other Photo Colors

When capturing images in Genshin Impact, players may choose from a variety of various hues. In addition to black-and-white and sepia photographs, there are also blue, green, purple, pink, and other colors. However, if you want a bold splash of color, there is no better choice than red.

Red is one of the most vibrant hues you can use in your picture, and it has the ability to make any photograph stand out from the crowd.

To acquire a red picture, go to the game’s menu and pick “Photo Colors” from the Settings menu. From here, you may choose from a variety of hues, including Red. Depending on the mood you desire for your picture session, you can also adjust the brightness and colours by utilizing the “Blue“, “Green“, “Purple“, and other color filters accessible in this menu.

Blue Photos

Blue Photos are an uncommon ingredient in Genshin Impact that can be used to manufacture Foods and other goods. They may be gained through finishing certain Domains as well as from specific Monsters. Some recipes, such as “The Chubby” and “The International,” require the use of red photos.

You must visit Domains such as the Spiral Abyss, Weekly Bosses, Elite Bosses, and others to get these Red Photos. Some Monsters drop Blue Photos When you find red creatures Be aware of the elemental weaknesses of Red Creatures. Additionally, certain foes may gift you a picture when looted after being destroyed. Collect these photographs of Red Creatures as much as you can for a range of prizes.

  • Spiral Abyss
  • Weekly Bosses
  • Elite Bosses
  • Monsters
  • Looted foes

Yellow Photos

Yellow Images are one of four varieties of Genshin Impact photos that may be gathered in order to level up certain characters. Yellow Photos boost the character’s ATK stat and may be obtained by beating certain opponents throughout Teyvat. Yellow images are not as prevalent as other types of photos, yet they are still useful in improving specific characters.

It is necessary to know what kind of monsters may drop Yellow Photos in order to gather them. Hilichurl Shielders are the finest monsters to farm for these images since they have a possibility to drop yellow photos when destroyed. To locate the most Shielders in a single location, go to Dawn Winery in Mondstadt and fight the Hilichurls there – they nearly always drop yellow photographs when defeated. You may also find them from Fatui Skirmishers and Treasure Hoarders scattered across Teyvat.

Brown Photos

Brown Photos are a popular collector item in Genshin Impact. These photographs are utilized to help heal the ecosystem by reactivating old wisdom, opening new challenges, and revealing long-forgotten truths. Brown Photos may be located everywhere across Teyvat and can be obtained by solving puzzles or by defeating opponents. They are available in two color patterns: light brown and dark brown.

Dark brown images often represent rocky landscapes, whereas light brown photos typically depict woodland sceneries. Brown Photos may also be discovered within respawning boxes or in Shrines dispersed across Teyvat, where they must be gained by completing riddles ranging from basic to challenging depending on the player’s level.

Collecting all of the Brown Photos is an essential aspect in restoring Teyvat to its former splendor and discovering all of its mysteries.

Purple Photos

Purple Photos in Genshin Impact may be obtained from a number of meals, although some are more difficult to get than others. To get Purple Photos, the player must prepare a meal that has all five parts in the ideal proportions and leaves no leftovers. These meals are frequently branded as “Platinum” or “Mythic,” indicating that they need the use of high-quality ingredients and culinary methods.

Before it may spew Purple Photos, the dish must have a particular quantity of Elemental Damage and Resistance. Once created, the meal must be given to a character that has an active Elemental Skill Charge, enabling them to photograph the cuisine for further prizes.


Getting the ideal red photographs in Genshin Impact might be a difficult endeavor. Hopefully, this advice will assist you in capturing the greatest images of your wonderful Genshin Impact experience.

To summarize, taking the greatest liyue mondstadt dragonspine red images requires a thorough grasp of the colors and how they interact. To get the desired effect, it is necessary to experiment with various color combinations and understand how they work affects each hue. Additionally, applying editing tools and picture editing applications may assist boost the colors in your image to achieve the ideal snapshot of your favorite Genshin Impact characters.

How to Get Red Photo in Genshin Impact? Red - Blue - Yellow - Brown - and Purple Photos